HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 3


Silver $1228 - $1200 = $28 for another hotel and three houses on Red.


@Jacques_Shadow if you happen to land on any of my hotels/houses in the next couple of turns you take, I’ll waive the bill if you give me New York Avenue.


Don’t take the deal Jacques. He’ll own your soul


Silver rolls a 6 but uses his Get out of Jail card instead of paying the fee and moves to St. James.

Agent.Smith rolls a 4 and stays in jail.

J_S rolls a 7 to New York.

@RieperTobias rolls a 10D to Park Place. Second roll is a 9. You pass Go but end up spending the night on Oriental Ave. The bill is $550 but you only have $245 so you’ll need to remove two houses which I presume you chose from Park Place.
RT $645 - $550 = $95. Smith $1133 + $550 = $1683.


@Jacques_Shadow just offering my two cents here: I know you’re holding out hope for your houses on Green to come through 'cause its a big pay out and all, but IMO your better move would’ve been to invest in your Pinks instead. Players land on those much more often then the Greens. Although by now it could be too late. Gonna roll the dice and see.


Silver rolls a 7 and moves to his hotel on Indiana Ave.

A.Smith rolls a 10 on his second turn in jail.

J_S rolls a 5 to Silver’s Red zone of Illinois Ave. Silver said he’d drop the bill in exchange for New York. I’m gonna presume you’re good with that, unless you say otherwise.

RT rolls a 8 to Virginia Ave, owned by J_S.
RT $95 - $12 = $83. J_S $5 + $12 = $17.


Probably goes without saying but next time someone pays me, I’d like a hotel on Kentucky Avenue, then build on NY Avenue, then unmortgage Tennessee and start building there, and then finally the same with St. James Place.


All part of the masterplan, no problem.


Can you build on monopolies with mortgaged properties?


You mean being able to build on a color even if not all of them are unmortgaged? For this game I’m gonna allow it.


Yes, that’s what I meant. Noted


You have a deal if it applies for the next 7 turns (my lucky number)


…but it’s already happened.


Yikes I should have read the whole thing. No


Silvereyes rolls a 8D to Pacific Ave owned by J_S, not that it really matters in it’s current state. Second roll is a 10. You pass Go but lose the check to A.Smith on Mediterranean Ave. Its $250 but you’re just a little short with $228 so I’ll mortgage New York.
Silver $328 - $250 = $78. A.Smith $1683 + $250 = $1933.

A.Smith rolls a 8 and pays bail for his last night in jail. He stays rent free on Tennessee Ave.
A.Smith $1933 - $50 = $1883.
Free Parking $450.

J_S rolls a 7 to Pacific Ave.

RT rolls a 3 and picks up a Chest Card: From sale of stock you get $50.
RT $83 + $50 = $133.


Someone land on boardawalk please


Squeezing out one more turn before I head to work.

EDIT: I didn’t intend for this to be a reply to you RT, my mistake.

Silver rolls a 7 and takes another hit on Vermont Ave. A. Smith charges $550 but you only have $78 so I’ll sale the three houses as well as mortgage Kentucky to cover the bill.
Silver $638 - $550 = $88. A.Smith $1883 + $550 = $2433.

A.Smith rolls a 5 to Silver’s Indiana Ave, losing the money he just got from him and more.
A.Smith $2433 - $1050 = $1383. Silver $88 + $1050 = $1138.

J_S rolls a 7 to Luxury Tax. I’ll mortgage NC Ave to pay the bill.
J_S $167 - $100 = $67.
Free Parking $550.

RT rolls a 2D to New York and stays rent free. Second roll is a 6 to a out of service B&O station.

Silver unmortgages Kentucky and puts a hotel on top and unmortgages New York, buying a house on it.
Silver $1138 - $1081 = $57.


Silver rolls a 6 to Virginia Ave, which barely owned by J_S.
Silver $57 - $12 = $45. J_S $67 + $12 = $79.

Agent.Smith rolls a 9 to a rent free NC ave.

J_S rolls a 10, passes Go and lands on Vermont Ave with a hotel. The cost is $550 but you only have $279 so I’ll have to mortgage Virginia Ave and sale two of your houses to make due.
J_S $659 - $550 = $109. A.Smith $1383 + $550 = $1933.

RT rolls a 11 to a Chance Card: Advance to nearest utility, if owned roll dice and pay owner ten times your roll. Since Agent.Smith owns both utilities this means rent will be twenty times instead. Next roll is a seven so 7 x 20 = $140.
RT $333 - $140 = $193. A.Smith $1933 + $140 = $2073.


Silver rolls a 10 to his hotel on ILL Ave.

A. Smith rolls a 6 to Luxury Tax.
A.Smith $2073 - $100 = $1973.

Free Parking $650.

J_S rolls a 8 to a rent free St. James.

RT rolls a 6 to and stays free on Tenn. Ave.


Silver rolls a 11 to a out of service Short Line.

Agent.Smith rolls a 6 and passes Go but gives away the paycheck for Income Tax.

Free Parking $750.

@Jacques_Shadow rolls a 2D to Tenn Ave. Second roll is a 9 to Ventnor Ave and its game over from here my friend. @Silvereyes charges $1150, even if you sold your houses and mortgaged your last Green, this brings you up to $410. Everything you have, including your very soul, now belongs him…unless he decides to show you mercy for some reason. Or another player bails you out…

RT rolls a 5 and picks up a Chance Card: Advance to ILL Ave. Not the best card to pick up I’m afraid, you’re also in debt to Silver by $1100. You’ll need to sale all three houses on Park Place, mortgage it and sale one house on Boardwalk to survive.
RT $1168 - $1100 = $68. Silver $45 + $1100 = $1145.