HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 3


I’ve lost fair and square. I’m out


Nazareth, I would like to sell my house on Pennslyvania Avenue and mortgage it. I want all my money to go towards my Oranges please.

Once my Oranges are done, please focus on my Pinks, and then finally my Greens. Thank you.


Karma bitch. Where’s that 12$ you stole from me now, motherfucker?


Slivereyes puts a hotel on New York, Unmortgages Tennessee Ave with a another hotel on top, St. James with four houses.
Silver $57.


The infection is spreading…


Sliver rolls 7, passes Go and gets a Chest Card: Income tax refund, collect $20.
Silver $57 + $220 = $277.

Agent.Smith rolls a 6 to Just Visiting.

RT rolls a 4 to Water Works, owned by Smith. Next roll is a eight so 8 x 10 = $80. You fall just short with $68 so you’ll have to sale another house.
RT $268 - $80 = $188. Smith $1973 + $80 = $2053.


Silver $277 - $100 = $177 for a hotel on St. James.


Silver rolls a 9 to St. Charles.

Smith rolls a 5 to Penn.Station.

RT rolls a 9 to Park Place.

The calm before the shitstorm…


I’m totally fucked up.
20 gangbang.


To be honest, I think both you and Agent.Smith are.


Yeah it was who ever could knock out Jacques


You guys’ll just have to pray that Silver gets fucked before you. Now, I’ll happily divide that 1 billion I was going to use to buy St. James between you two.


And you hate Russia?

It’s a party m8


Stealing this gif for later


I want to give my entire propetries to someone for free. Can you choose the lucky person?


You sure you want to throw in the towel? Also, I’m neutral. If you want me to choose, I’ll put your stuff back in the bank for resale. It’ll be a while before I can update the board so you got some time to think on it.


Ok, RieperTobias has chosen to bow out gracefully from the game and has given me his places. He wanted me to pick one of you to give them to, except I rather not show favoritism so his trains and Dark Blues are back on sale again but there won’t be an auction just yet. For now you’ll have to land on them if you want to buy. Now back to the game…

Silvereyes rolls a 11 and gets a Chance Card: Your building loan matures, collect $150.
Silver $177 + $150 = $327.

Agent.Smith rolls a 7 and also gets a Chance Card: Take a trip to Reading Railroad. He passes Go in the process.
A.Smith $2053 + $200 = $2253.

Silver unmortgages Virginia Ave and puts two houses on it.
Silver $327 - $288 = $39.


Silvereyes rolls a 10D to NC Ave. Second roll is a 9 that puts you past Go and stop at the first hotel on the block. It’s $250 but you’re a little short $239 so I’ll sale a house.
Silver $339 - $250 = $89. Smith $2253 + $250 = $2503.

A.Smith rolls a 4D to Connecticut. Second roll is a 9 that lands you on Tennessee Ave.
A.Smith $2503 - $950 = $1553. Silver $89 + $950 = $1039.

Silver puts a hotel on Virginia Ave, unmortgages States Ave and puts a hotel on it as well.
Silver $1039 - $977 = $62.


Silver rolls a 8 to Connecticut. You’ll have to sale the hotel on State and mortgage it, plus one house on Virginia.
Silver $677 - $600 = $77. Smith $1553 + $600 = $2153.

A.Smith rolls a 11 to Marvin G.
Smith $2153 - $1200 = $953. Silver $77 + $1200 = $1277.

Silver rebuilds what he lost and unmortgages the last Pink with two houses.
Silver $23.


Silver rolls a 9 to Tenn.Ave.

@Agent.Smith rolls a 2D to Pacific Ave. Second roll is a 8D to Boardwalk. Last roll is a 10D and you go straight to jail. Boardwalk is on sale again if you’re interested.