HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 3


I’ll buy boardwalk and just try for doubles


Smith $953 - $400 = $553 for Boardwalk.

Silver rolls a 9 to Ventnor Ave.

Smith rolls a 11 and stays in Jail.


Silver rolls a 6 and gets a Chest Card: Advance to GO.
Silver $23 + $200 = $223.

Smith rolls a 9 and is safe in jail…for one more night anyway.



Silver rolls a 5 to RR.
Silver $233 - $25 = $208. Smith $553 + $25 = $578.

For his last turn in jail, Smith rolls a 4D. The good news is he doesn’t have to post bail. Bad news is he owes Silver big. The bill is $900 but you only have $578. I’ll need to mortgage Boardwalk, and remove four houses from Mediterranean Ave to make ends meet.
A.Smith $978 - $900 - $78. Silver $208 + $900= $1108.

Silver puts a hotel on St Charles and also unmortgages Pacific Ave while building 3 houses on it.
Silver $43.

Want to keep fighting the good fight Agent.Smith or do you submit to your lord and master Silvereyes? I don’t mind either way.


I resign


This was a great game Nazareth. Thank you for hosting it.


Yeah, thanks @Nazareth

I’d tip you, but… you know


You’re only saying that because you won


Yeah, this was a pretty close game. It was nice to host it. Good game to all players, let’s do it again sometime.


Well yeah, but Nazareth also managed to run the game far more quickly and efficiently than I ever did.


Just a difference in schedule really. You work full-time, I happen to work part-time. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: This was supposed to be a reply to Silvereyes. Not sure what happened.


To be honest, I don’t plan to hold another Monopoly game for some time. So you’re more than happy to do your next one whenever you want. It just got exhausting for me.

I do plan to do another Hitman Target Championship, but I’m struggling to find the time and motivation for it. Really my big problem is making a list of every Hitman target in the series and truging through the Hitman wiki.

I shouldn’t complain really, the job I do isn’t hard. It’s just I have to do 5pm-11:30pm 6 days a week, and it’s throwing my sleep cycle out of whack. I do have a plan to try and make a little bit more money, and maybe then I can try and find another job that has more sensible hours, and only requires 5 days a week.


Dude, I just wanted to give my propetries, not folding from entire game.


But what’s the difference? If you don’t own anything then you’re pretty much dead in the water. Sorry if I got that confused.