HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 4

So this being my first time hosting, I’m still trying to figure my way around it. Can’t quite do everything Slivereyes does yet but we’re getting there bit by bit. I’ll still use the generated dice roll though I may not show it and just tell you the result. I can’t draw houses for shit so I’ll just place a number to match how many houses are present. Other than that, the rules are pretty much the same for this game except if/when you go to jail and don’t roll doubles the third time, you pay $50 regardless and move the number of squares shown on the dice. Can’t think of too much else I’ll change for now but in future matches, I got ideas I like to try. Thinking about a two person teams version for example but that’s for later.

Players will go in the order that they asked to join.

1st Slivereyes $1500

2nd Agent.Smith $1500

3rd Jacques_Shadow $1500

4th DaZacc $1500

5th RieperTobias $1500

6th SeanBernowicz $1500

Sllvereyes rolls a 12D (D means doubles) lands on Electric Company. Since he got there first he has the right of first refusal. Second roll is a 9 which puts him on Kentucky Ave. Slivereyes would like to buy one or both properties?

Agent.Smith rolls a 5 and lands on Reading Railroad. Would you like to buy this?

Jacques_Shadow rolls a 7 and gets a chance card: Advance to St.Charles. Would you like to buy?

DaZacc rolls a 4D and hits income tax, or should I say it hits him for $200 which goes to Free Parking. Second roll is an 8 and lands on Electric Company. Slivereyes got there first so sadly you don’t have the option to buy yet.

RieperTobias rolls a 7 and gets a chance card: Get out of Jail Free.

SeanBernowicz rolls a 3 and lands on Baltic Ave. Would you like to buy?

Slivereyes $1500

Agent.Smith $1500

Jacques_Shadow $1500

DaZacc $1300

RieperTobias $1500

RieperTobias $1500

SeanBernowicz $1500

Free Parking: $200



I will buy both please, The Electric Company and Kentucky Avenue.

You may want to tag all the players to let them know the game has stated.

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I’ll pass on the railroad.

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Are we doing the rule where if someone passes on a property, the rest of us bid on it in an auction, or does it just remain unowned until the next person lands on it?

Auction, to my knowledge

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We are. RR goes to auction starting at its asking price.

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In that case, I bid $200 on Reading Railroad.

@Jacques_Shadow @DaZucc @RieperTobias @SeanBernowicz

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Slivereyes $1500 - $370 =$1130
Ken. Ave, E.Company


Give me Baltic Avenue

Sold. Any interest in bidding for Reading Railroad?

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What is the starting bid

Silvereyes with $200 so far.

And in increments of what?

$25 minimal.

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250$This text will be blurred

That’s $250 to you @Silvereyes.

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$300 for Reading Railroad.

SeanBernowicz $1500-$60=$1440
Baltic Ave.


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325$ boahThis text will be blurred