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Hitman Forum playing Monopoly is back, and this time, we are going MEGA. Monopoly: Mega Edition doesn’t drastically change the core Monopoly experience, but rather provides a somewhat larger and longer version, with alot of new minor rules, and some minor rule changes. I assume that all of you are familar with the basic Monopoly rules, but before we dive into the rules that the Mega Edition provides, some quick clarifications on the standard Monopoly rules we will be using:

  1. Free Parking jackpot is in effect. All bank fees will contribute to the Free Parking jackpot.
  2. If you roll 3 doubles, you will go to Jail. If you are unable to leave Jail after attempting to roll a double 3 times, you will be charged $50.
  3. As soon as the game begins, players can buy properties. You do not have to pass Go once to be able to have the privledge.
  4. If a player lands on an unowned property and decides not to buy, that property will immedietly go to auction between all other players, starting from $100, players must bid at least $10 more per bid.
  5. We are operating with “party” rules to speed up the game. Instead of players going in turns, instead all players have their turn simulateneously each round. If 2 players land on the same unowned property in a round, they enter an auction with just the 2 of them.

The Mega Edition modifies the game board, and adds 12 new spaces, 3 on each side, which are:

  1. Every street is given 1 new property. The Browns and Dark Blues now have 3 properties each, all the other streets now have 4 properties.
  2. There is now a third Utility, the Gas Company. All 3 Utilities gives a player 20 times the dice roll. There are however still only 4 Stations in the game.
  3. The last 3 spaces are all brand new. The Bus Ticket space gives you a Bus Ticket (explained later). The Birthday Gift lets the player either receive a $100 from the bank, or a Bus Ticket. The final space is the Auction space. If a player lands on this space, they can choose any unowned property in the game, and that property goes to auction between all players. However, if all properties are owned, the Auction space instead sends the player to the property with the highest rent that they do not own.

So lets talk about what the Mega Edition adds and modifies.

  1. A third die. The third die is unique in that it is not white, but rather blue, and instead of going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, it instead has 1, 2, 3, Mr Monopoly, Mr Monopoly, Bus. Now, if you roll a 1, 2, 3, that is added to your white dice. So it does mean you can roll anywhere from 2 to 15. The double rule, where you can roll again if you roll a double, only applies to the white dice, presumably because with three dice rolling a double is far easier. However, if you roll a triple 1, 2, or 3, that lets you choose ANY space on the entire board to move too. It however does not mean you can roll again. (And yes, you can roll 2 doubles, then roll a triple, and that will NOT send you to Jail.)

Mr Monopoly is a little more complicated. How he works is that, first, you move according to the white dice. Then, Mr Monopoly sends you to the next unowned property, or, if all properties are owned, sends you to the next property you must pay rent on. Basically, Mr Monopoly exists to speed up the game, and to stop late game rounds where players own everything and are trying to avoid their rivals. (For the dice RNG we will be using, Mr Monopoly will be represented with a 4 and 5.)

The Bus is simpler. In the actual game, when you roll a Bus, it gives you a choice. It lets you either choose to take a Bus Ticket, or it lets you move to the nearest Chance or Community Chest. However, I am going to get rid of the choice for the sake of speeding the game up due to the party rules, and instead make it that it always sends you to the next Chance/Community Chest. (In the dice RNG, the Bus will be represented by 6.)

  1. Longer properties and Skyscrapers. Like I said earlier, Mega Edition extends all streets by one property. However, it adds in additional rules. For one, you no longer need to own all properties to build houses and hotels. Instead, you simply must own the majority of a street to do so, i.e. 2 out of 3 Browns, or 3 out of 4 Reds. However, if you do want to build the brand new skyscraper, the next step from a hotel, you must own an entire street to do so. Owning the majority also allows you to have double rent if you have no properties, owning all properties allows you to have triple rent.

  2. Stations aren’t left out either. While no new Stations have been added, we do have Train Depots. As you know, Stations work by the number you own, if you own 1, 2, 3, and 4, they give you $25, $50, $100, and $200 respectively. However, if you build a Train Depot on a Railroad for $100, your rent on that Station doubles. So if you own all 4 stations, you can start pulling in $400 per Station. Sadly Utilities didn’t receive a new building to go with them, but, sod it, how about we do the same for Utilities too? $75 per Power Stations, and your Utility doubles?

  3. Bus tickets. Bus tickets are perhaps the most unique addition. First off, they are finite. Unlike Chance or Community Chest cards, Bus Tickets do not go back into the pile after they have been used. Instead, they are discarded from the game, never to be used again. So what is a Bus Ticket? Like a Get Out of Jail Free Card, when a player receives a Bus Ticket, they can keep it until it is used. If you decide to use a Bus Ticket, you must forfeit your turn to roll the dice. A Bus Ticket lets you travel forward onto any space on one side of the board. For example, if you are on Go, you may travel to any space in-between Go and Jail, on any Brown, Light Blue, or otherwise. However, keep in mind, a Bus Ticket is less useful depending on where you are. If you are on the last Dark Blue property, the Bus Ticket is only able to take you to Go.

However, when you collect a Bus Ticket, it is not immedietly safe. Some Bus Tickets have the phrase “All Bus Tickets, except this one, expire” on them. So if you have a Bus Ticket, and another player draws that Bus Ticket with that statement on it, your Bus Ticket is immedietly void, and out of the game. So it does not pay to hold onto your Bus Ticket for as long as possible.

  1. And finally, all players start with $2500, $1000 more than the standard game.

These new rules may seem intimidating, but Mega Edition is still standard Monopoly at its core, just with more thrills. As your resident Banker, Property Dealer and game master, I will help players go through the game and its new rules.

So, who is interested? Let me tag some past players if they have interest? I will allow up to 8 players for this game. Keep in mind, like past games, this will be done when I have time in-between my hours at my full time job. This will be a bit of a slow burner. Whenever a player can make a decision, I will PM them.

@Nazareth @Agent.Smith @Jacques_Shadow @DaZucc @SeanBernowicz @EricTheAussie @David47 @Purist @introvert_


Can you sign me up this time please, never done one of these forum games before and I probably will only be able to play in the evenings and mornings until I get back from holiday but still, should be fun :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ll play.

20 ch

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I’ll join the cause if you’ll have me


I’ll have another go at the game.


I’d be happy to play


The last time I participated in this game I was wrongly ganged up on and abused both verbally and financially and as a result I refuse to play once more


I have never in my life played Monopoly. Cue an outraged Australian in 3…2…





There are no friends in monopoly.

Only pragmatic partnerships.

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Sorry, I have too much going on in life right now, but I appreciate the invite, Silvereyes.

I hope your game goes well and that the most ruthless business shark wins. lol

I’ll check in now and again to see how things are going.


OK, so that’s 5 players, MaxKroon, SeanBernowicz, Jacques_Shadow, Nazareth and DaZucc. I’ll allow up to 3 more players to join. I hope to start this game off tomorrow.

By the way, if any of you have any questions, feel free to tag me.

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Hey guys, sorry, the game isn’t ready to start just yet, but I will start it tomorrow. Promise. I ran into a roadblock where I couldn’t find a scan of the Mega Edition’s board. So instead, I’ve decided to create my own board from scratch in MS Paint. Here is part of it, I’m hoping it is OK? @Nazareth

Also, since I’m basing this on the Mega Edition I own, it will be using the London streetnames. I hope that isn’t an issue. I have kept it to dollars rather than pounds however.

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You should change the currency to Byzantine coins

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You’re asking if I’m okay with the board? Sure, looks fine to me.


I like to ask you because you’re smart. I’m one of those people who can oversee the blindingly obvious. I’m a bit of an eejit.


Thanks for the compliment, but what does that say about the other players? :grin:


Well, I’m a genius, we’ve already established this, but everyone else…well, we’ll see how they perform


If we ever play chess and I beat you…


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You can try.

Come over to the chess thread and try.

I dare you…

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