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This will be my last thread for a while.

I’m sure a lot of you know how to play poker (I’ll post the rules anyway) I’m sure most of you are also probably wondering ”how can we play on a forum?”

I have a suggestion.

HMF Poker Rules

We have only 8 players MAX per game (it can be less) and one member who will volunteer to STRICTLY be the DEALER. (Dealer won’t play)

All 8 (or less) players will start with :moneybag: $300.00 chips before every NEW GAME — Blinds will start at $20 the first round and increase by $20 EVERY ROUND. ($20, $40, $60, $80 etc…)

To get started: members (no more than 8) volunteers to play. The order in which a member posts and agrees to play will be how the turns will be determined in how the dealer will go around the table for the betting for the remainder of the game.


:arrow_up: This would be the order in which we rotate around the table.

Now… the Dealer will deal each player 2 cards right away in a PM in that order, using the shuffle link that’s posted. So, using the photo below, each member would receive the following cards…

  • Max Kroon: 4 of Diamonds & 6 of Clubs
  • Silvereyes: Ace of Hearts & Queen of Spades
  • Nazareth: 5 of clubs & 6 of Hearts
  • Puerco: 7 of Clubs & 8 of Spades
  • Chef Assassin: 4 of Clubs & King of Diamonds

As we all know, there are 52 cards in a deck…
Using the shuffle link will take you to this page

Make sure you select everything exactly how it’s shown in the photo above. Once it does, hit Draw Cards. You will have all 52 cards shown to you that you will be using for that round (screenshot it) at the end of the round you will post the screenshot to ensure there was no cheating and a new round will begin and as the dealer you will repeat this process.

When you deal the cards, you have the Flop, Turn and the River.


Before the Flop, the Dealer discards (or in this case, would SKIP 1 card) and show everyone the next 3 aka: the Flop. After that, discard/skip another card and reveal the Turn. Finally, the River, discard/skip one more time, and show everyone the following River card.

Before every round, All players MUST put in the blinds (whatever the amount is at the time: $20, $40, $60, $80 etc…)

Playing the game, pre-flop:

After the dealer PM’d the 2 cards to all players, the dealer will give the OK and The first round of betting will take place, (In the order of members I have tagged above.) followed by the “Turn” (one more card by the Dealer will be revealed to the players.)

Another round of betting will occur, followed by the “River” (one more card by the Dealer will be revealed to the players.)

The FINAL round of betting will take place and the remaining players will show their cards and the winner will take the pot. Just like in Poker (when betting) you can Check — Bet — Raise
Please keep track of your earnings, since we start out with only $300.00 it shouldn’t be difficult to do.

The game goes on until all players, except one are eliminated. The winner will automatically become the NEW Dealer for the next game (unless they wish to pass it off.)

WARNING!! Each player has 48 hours to respond for their turn (check, bet, raise, fold) failure to do so will result in you being kicked out of that game and your Current Chip Count (CCC) at that time will be added to the current pot. The game must go on lol sorry!


Poker Hand Rankings

Highest to Lowest

Official Poker Rules

Official Hitman Forum Poker Table
(Credit goes to @TheContractor for creating both the table & the Chip :grin:)

Suggestion To Dealer: It’s not mandatory, but it’s highly suggested to use the official HMF poker table below when posting the Flop, Turn and River.

I hope we can make this work! Let’s play :sunglasses:


So what do you guys say? Any Poker fans here???

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Sounds like fun and I do love a bit of poker myself. Trust me in red dead online I was always the last one on the table :slight_smile:

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Haha sounds good.

So should I save you a seat? You in? You can be our first volunteer haha just need 7 or less members

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Yea sure save me a spot, by the way a tiny adjustment to the rules I wouldn’t mind would be if the cards are all randomly picked rather than chosen by the dealer to avoid any bias and Sean making me lose on purpose


Awesome, but how would the dealer deal the cards randomly? I mean WE can’t choose our own two cards because everyone would always choose AA, KK, QQ etc lol

I more mean maybe a random card generator or something like that

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Five finger fillet me and then we will see who is boss.

Oh… well honestly I don’t know how to go about that, lol if you do please tell me :sweat_smile:

I just figured it would be easier for the dealer to choose for everyone in a PM…

I mean yeah… the dealer could purposely give someone good cards for example pocket Ace’s and make the flop turn or river Aces, but the other players would not know that, or what they have as well… This is where the term “bluffing” comes into play lol besides, I don’t think the dealer would purposely do that, they got nothing to gain by doing so

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I’m sure there is a website or something which can pick a random card from the 52 but if that doesn’t work the dealer can just choose

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Here you go.


@Silvereyes thank you that’s perfect I’ll add to OP thank you!!


For fuck sake why do you have to make it weird :joy:

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Okay, so far we have

Seat # 1 @MaxKroon Current Chip Count: :moneybag: $300.00
Seat # 2 @Silvereyes Current Chip Count: :moneybag: $300.00
Seat # 3 @Nazareth Current Chip Count: :moneybag: $300.00
Seat # 4 @Puerco Current Chip Count::moneybag:$300.00
Seat # 5 @Chef-assassin Current Chip Count: :moneybag:$300.00
Seat # 6
Seat # 7
Seat # 8

(We don’t need all 8)

Who wants to play???

The rotation of the table will go in the order of who posts saying they will play…

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Sod it, I’ll play. I do possess astonishingly bad luck though.

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Interesting idea. I’m a novice at Poker but I’m curious to see how this goes so I’ll try a game.

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Ok you’re seat 2… I’ll edit my post above as people post then we can get started!! :smiley: @Nazareth thanks I hope it works out too! Lol you’re seat #3

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Oh, Happy Birthday by the way. :cake:

Only just now noticed.


Thank you my friend! Lol no problem

Got 3 players so far, let’s get at least 2 or 3 more!! :grin:


Hit me up dealer.

Do you have a time rule about how long a player has to bet or fold?

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