HMF’s Tattoo Parlor

Use this thread to post photos of any tattoos you have that you would like to share. If you do not currently have a tattoo but plan on getting one, feel free to share a picture of it!


I only have one tattoo which I got quite impulsively. I was in Copenhagen visiting an old HMF buddy and going to see one of my favourite bands - It was their 20th anniversary and they were doing a world tour to celebrate. I’d seen then play 16 times and am regularly moved to tears by their music so I got their logo tattooed on my arm the day of the gig.

I definitely wanted more tattoos after that but a few months later, Covid hit.


Cool story. Tattoo looks great! Forgive me, but who’s the band? I don’t recognize the logo

I have two tattoos but I won’t show them because I’m really ashamed of them. I was young and I was like “I’m an adult now, I’m 18, I will have a tattoo, fuck you all” and went to the next tattoo studio I could find. I didn’t looked for any references or anything, I just saw a studio and went in and I came out with two very bad tattoos.

I want to cover them up, but that will cost about 1000€ and that’s an amount of money I don’t have.

So my advice if you want to let yourself make a tattoo: look for a good studio! Read references and reviews. Better pay a bit more, when they do a good job it’s worth the money!


I was planning on getting a feather of Ma’at tattoo to celebrate getting called to the bar but alas…

My sister has 3 already that she’s really happy with so I plan on using her guy when things get safer.


Sadly I’ve been spoiled playing too many games that allow customization. Rather it be Saint’s Row, GTA, AC Valhalla and such, I’m always swapping out tattoos when the mood hits. I think it’s because of this I that remain undecided on what to get.

@MrOchoa show us what you’ve got :smiling_imp: I remember you have a tattoo of Mileena from MKX, right?

Yeah i have Mileena from Mortal Kombat, Spikey Tiger and Tropicalo from Secret of Mana, Traxx the first Boss from Secret of Evermore, a laurel wreath with Boots and the word Skinhead, a crucified Skinhead, some Brassknuckles, and my Hometowns coat of arms on my chest.


No Hitman Tattoo? :sweat_smile:


tbh i was working on it, but Corona got in the way.


Uh…I really hope that has a different connotation than it does in North America

There’s a lot of skinhead subcultures around the world that are apolitical or even outright antifascist - Even in the US

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Don’t worry, I’m not one of those Assholes the Majority of the Public thinks of when they hear the word “Skinhead”.
The Neo Nazis just stole our Dresscode, we are basically Punks with better Outfits and proud members of the working class.

If you are interested, I’d recommend you the Documentary “Skinhead Attitude” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I had no idea. Good to know :slight_smile:

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MONO. Japanese instrumental quartet. Hard to do them justice on record, but they’re absolutely crushing live. It steals your soul.

You can erase them with lasers too. I have heard it’s painful though and takes more than one session.

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Yes, the thing is, I want tattoos, I just want them to be pretty haha