HMForum Members' cake day


i did not touch my username, yet today i saw that there was a cake emoji next to it! why?

🎈 The Birthday Thread 🎉

Because you’re sweet as a strawberry covered vanilla cake.


My guy, it tells you when you hover the cursor over it.
You signed up one year ago. Dec. 6, 2016

Congrats on being here for a year.

Happy Anniversary


You probably completed a year! Oh wait, yes that’s right! :slight_smile:


Was there even need fr a separate thread for this topic?


It’s your cakeday! :smile: A new feature that popped up the last time HMF went down for a few days.


If he hadn’t, you wouldn’t have had the chance to ask this. :slight_smile:


My cake is bigger


And the cake’s gone!




Happy Birthday :slight_smile:


Just found out in your settings you can set your birthday. Switching it to my real bd :smiley:


not my bd, but thanks :smile:


Because as we say on imgur, it’s your cakeday.


:heart_eyes: :cake: :cake:


You cheeky bastard :joy:


Now i have it
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Happy cakeday, Dolf!


It’s your cake day now! Enjoy it


Oh shit… oh shit, I wasn’t prepared with a speech or anything. Well I ate 4 chocolate donuts so I guess that counts.