HMForum Members' cake day



Happy cake day, @640509_0401_47!!


Dzięki! :grinning:


Happy cake day to the world of tomorrow map : @Soupienza


@Soupienza :grinning:.


Happy HAPPY cake day, @Soupienza


THANKS! :smiley: What a great Assassin Agency this is! :slight_smile:


Happy Cake day, @Soupienza


FYI Guys this is also pretty much the anniversary of me playing HITMAN. :slight_smile: I joined this forum close to the day I bought and installed the game if not exactly the same day. :slight_smile:


Happy CD @Soupienza!


today is the day for @ioi_christianco
(Happy anniversary on this website that I’m new to)


True! Happy anniversary! @ioi_christianco


@ioi_christianco :grinning:.


Happy cake day @3A-7 Hope you have more. Nice seein you sticking around.


Yes, happy cake day @3A-7 :grinning: :tada:.


@KrugerSchmidts, @ingrobny Thanks both of you guys, can’t believe i’ts been two years (or is it three?) since i registered.


It is three :grinning:, that’s why you didn’t get the card, the anniversary card is for 1 year anniversary :joy:.


I don’t get it, why it says two only if it’s three already?


Neither do i, because here it says you signed up 2014:


Happy Cake day @3A-7!
And Happy Belated Cake Day to @ioi_christianco!