HMForum Members' cake day


It’s my cake day!!! The forum really made my year better, I’ve met really cool people and the community is amazing!!!


Happy cakeday @Bending_Cheese67, glad to have you here! :cake:


@Bending_Cheese67 :grinning:.


Happy HAPPY CAKE DAY, @Bending_Cheese67


Thank you as well @FantumX!

@Bending_Cheese67 Happy Cake Day man!


Happy Cake Day @Bending_Cheese67!!!


Happy HAPPY CAKE DAY, @TheChicken


@TheChicken And @Silverballer :grinning:.


Happy Cake Day @Silverballer!!!


Happy cake day to @Sean_Leary !! :balloon::balloon::tada::tada:


@Sean_Leary :grinning:.


Been away for a few days. Happy belated Cake Day @Sean_Leary!!!


Happy cake day to @Notex :tada::tada::balloon::balloon:
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@Notex :smiley:.


@Beldingford :smiley:.


Happy Cake Day to me!! 2 years on this forum. Man, time sure does fly!

I Had some great conversations and got to get to know a lot of awesome people here within that time. It’s been a pleasure. Looking forward to many more.

Here’s to you HMF


I can’t believe. 2 Years with this awesome dude :birthday:
Happy cake day @AGENT4T7 !! :balloon:


Happy 2nd Anniversary man. Looking forward to 45 more!


Happy cake day @AGENT4T7 :tada: :smiley:.


Haha definitely! Thank you guys! :smiley: