HMForum Members' cake day


Long live this forum.
The devs and the best players are on it.
We never get bored thanks to little games and art. Yes… :rainbow::hugs:


Looking old news i noticed it’s @Pitman’s 2nd anniversary on the forum! :cake::man_factory_worker::hammer:


Happy cake day @FantumX! Hope you are doing ok man, we miss you.


GG on the cakes and everything @FantumX


Realized it was my cake day 2 days ago, can’t believe I’ve been on here for over 2 years now. Holy moly.


Happy Cake day to the master of HITMAN : @GuLe :cake::cake::birthday::birthday::tada::tada:

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Yes, happy cake day @GuLe :fireworks: :grinning:.


Happy Cake Day, GuLe! :sunglasses:



Happy cake day, @GuLe!!!


Enjoy!!! @GuLe

(Also the text is not visible for a reason…dare you to check it out! :wink: )


Happy Cake Day, @fkgfw! :smiley: :cake:


Yes, happy cake day @fkgfw :sparkler: :grinning:.


Happy anniversary @fkgfw


Happy cake day to @YourGudBudNel !!
Here’s my gift


Thanks breda :ok_hand:


Oh wow, just read all the posts hueheuehue, thanks bois!


Happy anniversary to my ni🅱️🅱️a @YourGudBudNel


thenks boiii :heart:


@ingrobny Happy Cake Day! :cake:


:grinning: Thank you very much, i just noticed the cake on the side of my username :joy:.
Member for 2 years already, my oh my :grinning:.

Also, thank you so much @Mads47 @SpeedsterRunner217 @immadummee47 @YourGudBudNel @Sean_Leary much appreciated :grinning:.