HMForum Members' cake day


Thank you Guys, cant believe its 3 years since ive came here! I have to say, you guys are a great Community! :heart:


Happy Cakeday @SeanBernowicz


Thanks, but it’s not my anniversary, it’s my birthday. I will take early anniversary congrats though.


haha, okay - Happy Birthday then, my Friend!


Danke. :blush: Thank you Kanye, very cool!


Happy cake day @Velldanas :boom: :smiley:.


Yes happy cake day @Velldanas


Happy cake day @Watson :balloon: :smiley:.

Not B-day but C-day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Congrats on the B-day @Watson!


Happy anniversary @Watson


Happy cake day @AGENT_58 AND @Quinn AND @Lewisnic1 AND @Kent AND @Heisenberg AND @Doormaker AND @Fleur AND @Platypus AND @Mads47 AND @Epic47Sides :boom: :smiley:.



You’ll be seeing a lot of cake days this week I think
This is the time when majority of the forum migrated to Discourse in 2014


Speaking of cake days, happy cake day @AGENT_58

Edit: and @quinn


Happy Cake Day @AGENT_58, its good to have you here! Same goes for @Quinn!


Congrats on the cake day @AGENT_58 old boy.
Also something along the same lines go got @Quinn.


Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.


Happy Birthday to you! I wish you the best! :slight_smile:


Lots of people joined on this date. Congrats on making it another year y’all.


Happy cake day to @AGENT_58 AND @Quinn and @Lewisnic1 and @Heisenberg and @Doormaker !!


Always thought that the cake has to do with my personal birthday, not the joining day.

Happy to be part of a very special community.