HMForum Members' cake day


Happy cake day everyone! :cake:


Happy cakes, @AGENT_58, @Quinn and the others I don’t know.


Happy cakeday to y’all @AGENT_58 , @Quinn , @Kent & @Heisenberg !

Also when are you going to beat me at ‘‘lie to me’’ @AGENT_58 ? I am fucking waiting! :joy:


I am waiting for your next 3 lies,I ain’t giving up!


Happy cake day @Fleur


@Fleur Congrats on the Kage dag!


Thank you guys! And happy birthday to you Mads!


Wow, happy cake day @JohnnyDrama there are so many.


@JohnnyDrama tiløk mæ æ dav og spis lige brø ti


Happy cake day @Kent


GG on the Cake day @Kent!


Happy cake day @Kent! :cake: :dog:


@Mads47 æ tak for dæ da, ka du nu ha a go føsdag os’ :tada:


Happy cake day @Kent @JohnnyDrama @Mads47 !!


Happy cake day @Epic47Sides!


Happy cake day @Firepower :boom: :smiley:.


Yeah, happy cake day @Firepower!


Cheers broskis ^



Happy cake day @Nazareth


Much appreciated! Though to be honest, I don’t really pay attention to cake day. Got a hard enough time keeping up with birthdays. :sweat_smile: