HMForum Members' cake day


I am pretty sure this is going to be the biggest month for cake days, because HITMAN came out this month last year. My cake day is in 2 days.


Happy Cake Day


Happy Cakeday @FantumX​:cake::cake::cake:

I just noticed it by your name while I was in a different thread lol so just thought I’d say something here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A whole year now, huh? Man, where does the time go? Haha.
I’m glad you stuck around though, I enjoyed our conversations this past year.

Here’s to the “koolest” duck on HMF
Cheers! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya made me LOL! Can’t ask for more than that on cakeday :sunglasses::+1:

Thanks bud. I stuck around even after I stopped playing the game (10 freakin months ago) cuz I met a bunch of great people like yourself that I’ve just really enjoyed interacting with. And the Kool Aid biz will NEVER get old.:joy:


Thanks man, I appreciate that.

And no… It will never get old as long as I’m around to remind ya :laughing:

But damn, 10 months without Hitman!? I could never do it… Lol been playing the other ones at least?


Yeah, after I gave the XB1 to my son when he got his own place last summer, I’ve really been missing being able to play the ET’s a lot. Still haven’t bought a new console so no gaming at all. Proly this summer. I don’t play a ton of games though. The Hitman and Splinter Cell series and Battlefield 4 is all I ever spent any significant time on so I’m no hardcore gamer (unless it’s one of those). Other than that its work, sleep and a little bit of a social life.


Well you ain’t alone in that boat at least. I too don’t game anymore like I used to. The past 5 years, all I play now is Hitman (solely)

When I’m not killing people lol it’s pretty much the same as you. Work, family and friends and if I’m lucky, a good 6 hours of sleep :joy:

But yeah, I don’t wanna derail the thread, I just wanted to drop in and wish ya a happy ‘cake day’ enjoy your day, bud and I look forward to our future discussions :smiley: See ya around man!


:heart::heart::heart::heart: (4)
:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: (7)


Bold part: if you’re going to start a sentence, you have to finish it, dude. :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


…wishing Joey C. was here to celebrate his cakeday with. @Joe_Clarence75


@ingrobny Hey its your cake day too. Happy Cake day.


Yes it is, thank you for notice :smiley:, no silver anniversary badge yet.


For some reason the cakes almost never show up on my devices so I’m always cluless about other’s special day.

Happy CAKE DAY @ingrobny! (and anyone else who is currently sporting a slice by their name!)


Happy anniversary @KamasiW :smiley:.


Hahaha thanks @ingrobny and you too! :smiley:


Happy anniversary @borek921 :smiley:.


Thanks buddy :smiley: until today I thought this cake is the user’s birthday :v


Well I guess I’m a bit late but happy cake day borek!!!


Happy “Cake Day” @Supernova!!! Can you believe you’ve been here a year? Always nice to have good peeps stick around.


Many thanks man! And yes, I actually knew this was the day of my cakeday, but I have been busy doing a couple of things on my truck to enhance it’s security. Happy you noticed right at midnight! :sweat_smile: :kissing_closed_eyes: