HMForum Members' cake day


Happy cake day @NE7 AND @badeaguard :boom: :smiley:.


Happy Cake Day @badeaguard


Thank you. I didn’t notice. But it still doesn’t show yet. It’s 23:42 hours here


I see it in the USA!!!


Yes, happy cake day @badeaguard


Happy cake day @bjojo :fireworks: :grinning:.


Thnx. Didnt even realise it :grin:


Happy cake day @Fran_Laiuppa :boom: :grinning:.


Yes, happy cake day @Fran_Laiuppa


I just realized! Thanks @ingrobny and @SeanBernowicz I guess I’ll have to deviate from my diet today!


Happy Cake Day @HHCHunter


Yes, happy cake day @HHCHunter AND @Bardachenko :fireworks: :smiley:.


Today it’s my cakeday. Now I noticed the cake near my name. I was thinking that if I waited 4 days to enjoy the forum, in 2014, cakeday and birthday where on the same day :smiley:


I myself faced the same dilemma back at the time, if only i had waited 17 days. Anyway, happy cake day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy cake day @HHCHunter and @Bardachenko


Thank you, guys!!! :blush::blush::blush:


Happy cake day @Ajeel1988 :boom: :smiley:.


Thanks @ingrobny. Happy cake day.


Happy Cake Day, @JohnnyAxXx! :cake:


Wow thx mate! Exactly 1 year… Question is: How did you know tho?!