HMForum Members' cake day


Your welcome! And I saw a cake right beside your name. :wink:


Yes, happy cake day @JohnnyAxXx :boom: :grinning:.


Happy cake day! @JohnnyAxXx


You meant Cakeday right? Cuz it’s not my birthday :stuck_out_tongue:


I stand corrected! Updated


3 years ago I joined Hitmanforum!

And in 3 months, I’m getting my hands on HITMAN 2!


Happy cake day then :slight_smile:.

Edit: and @Danger_dog_guy_7


Apparently it’s my cake day too. It’s been 3 years now and I still visit the forum every day.


happy cake day @Danger_dog_guy_7 and @Bielak812 :man_cook::cake:


Yes, happy cake day to @Bielak812 and @Danger_dog_guy_7 :fireworks: :grinning:.


Very happy cake day agents !! @Bielak812 @Danger_dog_guy_7 :raised_hands::cake: Yum, (it’s vegan)