HMForum Members' cake day


To avoid the embarassment of no one remembering my Cake Day, I’ll just post myself



Happy cake day Golem :tada::gift::smiley:


Yes, happy cake day @Golem25 :sparkles: :firecracker: :smiley:.


Happy cake day @Golem25


happy cake day to @Jacques_Shadow, you the man


Thank you, you champion. I always love your enthusiasm surrounding my personal favorite thread which shall not be named


Yes happy cake day @Jacques_Shadow


Thank you to another fellow enthusiast of my favorite thread


It’s my 2nd year here :slight_smile:


Yes, happy cake day @Jacques_Shadow :bomb: :boom:.

(@SeanBernowicz you have to wait till tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Damn time zone, foiled again


Time zones are confusing, it appears that you have the cake already

So happy cake day :slight_smile:


Happy cake day. Very cool that you joined within a day of me. I had no idea.


And you joined within one day of Golem. So three anniversaries in a row.


Interesting to note all three of us, Regulars (you two more than me), joined at more or less the same time!

Might have been something that was added to the game around that time that prompted us; I know Holiday Hoarders was on the verge of coming out, but I never paid that piece of content much attention. Maybe there was an ET around that time as well?

Happy Cake Day to Sean btw, here’s to a few more! :cake:


Happy cake day @SeanBernowicz :firecracker: :champagne: :smiley:.


Happy cake day @SeanBernowicz :clap::+1:t2::birthday:


Thanks boys! :slight_smile:


Zombieland made me post this


Happy cake day @Spodey