HMForum Members' cake day


I said it on the other thread but I guess it’s official here.

Happy Cake Day, @Fortheseven


Happy Cake Day @Fortheseven.

May the year ahead be ban free :joy:


As long as there’s no “accidental” wallbang rifle in season 2, he’ll be fine. :joy::joy::joy:


Happy cake day @Fortheseven :cake:


Haha i somehow doubt it. Thanks dear redneck <3


If there isn’t a wallbanging weapon in season 2 i won’t be fine

@IndianAgent47 Thanks


@scm97tl Happy cake day bro.
Its been a year with you around too @Fortheseven i cant believe i have tolerated you this long.


You are getting soft


You are right.
My mistake for letting you slide for this long. I guess i need to work on my game.


Happy cakeday, @Spodey. If you hadn’t joined we wouldn’t have met, so I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea :kissing_heart:


@Spodey :smiley:.


Thanks fam


#@Spodey Happy Birthday to the ground!

Sincerely the ground and me.


Have some cake.


happy, Happy, HAPPY CAKE DAY, Mister @Spodey and @Pagan


Happy Cake Day @Spodey and @Pagan :smile:


@Pagan :smiley:.


Happy :cake:day @Spodey and @Pagan.


Sorry i am a day late but Happy cake day @Jarbinger
Thank you for sticking with us and keeping this place intact.


Happy cake day @Spodey! :cake: