HMForum Members' cake day


Happy cake day @MrOchoa! Aka : “Dad” :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy on the powder!


haha, thanks! i really enjoy this Community :slight_smile:


Happy cocaine cake day for yesterday @MrOchoa :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy cake day @Quinn. This place wont be the same without you. We will miss you the most. (saying just in case, so dont go away)


Thanks @KrugerSchmidts! I had no idea it was my cake day though, how do you find out?


It’s still the 13th here in Norway, so in 2 hours from now, you have been here 3 years :smiley:.


Idk maybe that big freaking piece of cake next to your name. idk couldnt be that.


He sees what i see, because he lives in UK and i live in Norway and we have almost the same timezone, no cake here yet.


Happy Cake day to @Kent as well.


@Quinn AND @Kent AND @Heisenberg AND @Grim :smiley:.


I don’t see any cake. So it’s not official on my side yet. Still the 13th here.


I guess i can see the future.


Hahaha, yes you can, at least when it comes to cake days :joy:.


All signed up first day we moved to the new forum. ;^)


Oh yeah ive been seeing tons of cakes everywhere. @AGENT_58 @Grim and tons of other lot. SO this is the cake day for This Discourse version of Hitman forum.


So this means the new forum is 3 years old… Christ. I guess we will always be some of the earliest members.


A short period of time in the scheme of things I suppose. I’ve been on the forums since the Hitman 2 demo in 2002. :confused:


Now I see cake!!!

Happy HAPPY CAKE DAY, @Quinn & @Kent


Happy cake day @Mads47 :smiley:.


Thank you mate, also thanks to @introvert_ for reminding me in another thread. How lucky can one be, cakeday today and a birth day yesterday?!