HMForum Members' cake day


Happy cake day, @Mads47


Happy cake day @Pissfloyd :fireworks: :smiley:.


woohooooo thanks ingrobny mate. hope you’re doin well.


Happy cake day @Pissfloyd, even though I already did that on discourse. :blush:


it’s discord mate. this forum is discourse :slight_smile:


Lol. My bad.



Damn it’s been like 10 years or something including the old forum.


Oh that’s my HMF birthday wooo :slight_smile:
Happy bday to…me i guess :smiley:

I’ve been preparing some cake…

Check also my awesome fan serie dedicated to 47 here:

Cheers y’all!!


Happy yellow (first time i see a yellow cake) cake day @Epic47Sides :smiley: (is the smileys changed as well?)


Happy cake day @Ben_Benjimino_Jamin :smiley:

For every year you are member here, you will have a year anniversary, aka cake day this is your second cake day, since you have been member here for 2 years.


Happy cake day @AgentB :smiley: and @Sharpy47DeadlyShadow :smiley: and @Dynamic_47 :smiley: and @Morten_IOI :smiley: and @Dynamic_47 :smiley:.

Does everybody have anniversary this week :joy:.


YAY it’s my cake day as well :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

To celebrate with:


Happy cakeday @badeaguard!


Same here, happy cake day @badeaguard :smiley:.


Happy HAPPY CAKE DAY @badeaguard


What the… Thanks I guess. What is it for?

I have a slice of cake! Just saw it


Anniversary on the forums. :grin:


@badeaguard congratulations on the cake day! How are you going to celebrate you being her for 3 years?


I saw Kong Skull Island :smiley: So I guess celebrating is over


Happy Cake day @JDMHatch_G . Nice having you around.