HMForum Members' cake day


Thanks a lot dude :sunglasses:



Happy cake day @JDMHatch_G :fireworks: :smiley:.


Happy cake day @JDMHatch_G :grin::birthday::gift:





@JDMHatch_G HCD!



Happy cake day!! 20 cakes


Happy Cake day @AlyMar1994 :grin::birthday::gift:


This is not his cakeday, it’s his birthday.


Happy cake day @IndianAgent47 :fireworks: :smiley:.


Thanks you @ingrobny! :grin:


@IndianAgent47 Congrats on the Cakeday, i hope it’s everything you ever imagined or wanted.


Happy cake day @CaptainBodaggit :fireworks: :smiley:.


Apparently it’s my forum cake day today and then irl cake day tomorrow.


Congratulations Hunter on the cake day! Now go eat your fairy bread.


Happy cake day @HHCHunter AND @Bardachenko AND @DrowNby47 :fireworks: :smiley:.


Thank you. Already three years I’ve been enjoying this forum. I like share and compare my ideas with other Hitman fans. Even if often I disagree with something other members say


That’s what forums are for and nothing wrong with disagree and discuss stuff :smiley:, it would be boring if everybody would have the same opinions here.

I hear you, i have been member here for a year and i like it here, i like it so much that i’m here every day, everything is discussed here, from very small things to really big things :joy:, i’m not that active on other forums like i’m here.


Happy cake day guys! @HHCHunter @Bardachenko :cake:


Thanks a lot, 1 year has passed lol, time goes so fast(and furious😂), this day last year changed a lot in my life, i mean really, i started to talk on decent english, found people with same interests, and even met one in person @YacobT thanks all for your friendliness❤️❤️❤️❤️


Happy cake day @Quine AND @leet_it_b :fireworks: :smiley:.