HMF's Guinness Book of World Records


I’ve noticed we have some gifted members here on Hitman Forum. So I wanted to make a thread in appreciation of that. In this thread, share some videos or links of actual people who made it in the Guinness World Record book (maybe YOU are one of them?) :smiley: Also, please feel free to post your fastest Speedrun times of Hitman (or any other game for that matter.)

(1st place only. Remember 2nd place is first loser lol)

Maybe you haven’t made it in the book YET, but if you ever do so in the future, be sure to share your accomplishment in this thread!

I myself don’t have any (currently) lol but this video right here inspired me to make this thread.


She’s got you beat. :wink:

SPRUT is the record holder for most of the missions, ETs, Contracts.

You’re aware that SPRUT’s a known cheater, right?

SPRUT is god.


Don’t think I don’t know the reference there Sean :wink:

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I believe this will fit here