Hokkaido appreciation thread

Hokkaido delivered.
It has great vibe, great map, great opportunities and more.
What I liked -

  1. Authentic feeling of being surrounded in Japanese culture. It has nice background score, cozy environment, different themed zones, better dialogues (NPCs say hi hello to each other, use of some well known japanese words, accents jelled well except roccos sister and some guard dialogues. I have to specifically mention this that roccos sister VA has nice warm sound, but it has got thick accent. Hearing it my brain instanatly goes back to sapienza. She has acted dialogues well, no doubt. But the voice starts to take you out of immersion. And that is because it has become iconic voice like diana or 47 rather than being generic NPC voice. I would not like to see her out of cast and paycheque because i dont like her voice to be heard too often. So IOI, give her some important character next season in exchange of generic NCP voice. I really dont want to listen to that sound again often on every level.
  2. The whole new disguise system. Yes.
    This system of integrated chips in robes felt better and more challenging than usual keycard method.
  3. Loved creepy atmosphere in morgue. I dont know if there are more creepier EE there. Would have been cool.
  4. Nice art design.
  5. Nice level design. Although a bit more spacious zones would have been better. (Like helipad, OT observation rooms with monitors, what they were watching baseball match down there? Or opera? LOL)
  6. Cool animations (yoga lesson, heart trashing etc). More activity animations to 47 please next season.
  7. This list is taking me forever to type on mobile. So, I will stop. Waiting to go home from work so can indulge in more Hokkaido.

I freaking love this level. Snow, ninjas, Japan everything I love!!!


i saw in credits, sapienza and hokkaido were created by same team (may be paris too). others are different


Give that team a bonus and teach the other team how it’s suppose to be, or fire them. This is a beauty! :heart_eyes:


i really agree with you. bangkok and colorado are pretty bad.

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That depends on what you expect from a hitman level. Story wise they were pretty important. And IOI couldn’t predict we would love Sapienza and Hokkaido so much.

Totally agree, this level is a masterpiece. Better than Sapienza? Maybe… too early to tell.
But the atmosphere is the best part, the Sauna area is brilliant, the view is great, the tech is interesting, the Japanese heritage (sushi, bowing etc…) is always welcome, the level design…just brilliant.

Great work IOI :slight_smile:

Nobody cares about story more than gameplay experience.

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we want to see;

  • large map
  • more disguises
  • different buildings in same map
  • a little darker ambience
  • cool NPCs for making funny contracts

So true. Hitman doesnt need a story, just great gameplay.
I dont care for the story at all to be honest. In fact I’d prefer if there was no story, just contracts. Clean and simple.

Story gives targets their own character. And they feel real if done right.
Just contracts won’t have that personna, however detailed they make them.

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I agree on having the gameplay as the most important part of the game.
but otherwise there wouldn’t be a coherent story. At least I think IOI aimed to create a spy/Bond thriller. And all those talking hitman videos on YouTube they keep emphasizing that the story plays an important part yet it’s pushed to the background.

I guess a light story is fine, but I dont enjoy it when they go too far and mess with the gameplay too much (Colorado ending for example).

I know Japan is awesome and everything but can’t we just have one appreciation thread? This forum is getting spammed like crazy right now.


I want to express my appreciation for the new 5mm pistol. It has become my second favorite gun in the game.

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tbh the more you listen to the NPC dialogue the more you will recognize them anyway. for example when i first heard sato’s voice i was like “wow this guy sounds like the absolution chef”

Yet again, I took weeks to get to play a new HITMAN episode. I have to say that I really really enjoyed this one. Awesome map design, great opportunities, interesting challenges (I specially liked the “Silent Ninja” one). Despite the fact that one of the targets never leaves an operation table, the mission still presents a surprisingly diverse set of methods to kill him. I have to say that I can’t decide wether Kokkaido or Sapienza is my favourite mission from this game (which given that they share the same lead designer, it is no surprise that they are so neat).


Each time I hear Hokkaido I have to think of Splinter Cell…

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Ok, now Hokkido is my favorite level now…
If you guys havent seen the epic sci-fi movie “2001: a space odessey” now is the time to watch it. You would appreciate this level even more, and the amount of references and homage went into it.

That movie was made even before the lunar landing and yet it predicts alot of things about space travel that are somewhat relevant and used in space tech even today.
KAI Perfectly encapsulates the Essence of HAL 9000, and somewhat feel of it. Try hearing more dialogues of KAI specially with the head surgeon in the operating room.

Hokkaido is going to be tough to beat for me so they are going to have to bring their A game in season two. I really hope we see more levels on par with Sapienza, Paris and Hokkaido next season.