Hokkaido appreciation thread

Why does Hokkaido look so much better graphically than the other missions? I feel like I only want to play Hokkaido because it looks so damn good.

I actually think that graphically, Sapienza is the best looking one. No other maps gave me the impression of being next-gen like Sapienza.

Hokkaido is much smoother and more consistent graphically IMO. I’m on PS4 so I don’t know if it’s different for other platforms.

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I think this is my favorite level besides Paris. Because it feels most like a Hitman mission. In terms of vibe and everything this level suits well with modernized Hitman model.
Although i do not like the main targets too much. But still it works very well.

I don’t know if anyone has said this but, why is the Hospital Director disguise trespassing in the operating theater, but when you kill soders via Flatlining or Stem Cells poisoning, they seem to let him through but not you even when you are disguised.

As far as I know from the story, the director isn’t a doctor, just a random Providence guy who been assigned to protect Soders.
And if he’s not a doctor, he’s restricted to access the operating theater.
When his ward is dead, he’s called there to examine reasons of the death and consultations with doctors what to do about it