hokkaido bug


hello there was a bug on my game hitman I can not do the challenge hokkaido discovery I’m blocking 30 zone on 31 but on the map it is clearly indicate that I have more unexplored zone, I play on ps4 my id is fraisino can you reset the challenge or just level 6 that I do it again to complete this challenge

thank you for helping me


‘Discover [location]’ challenge is currently broken.
You won’t be able to achieve it in any location. Till they fix it don’t waste your time with this challenge


I’ve unlocked all of the discovery challenges on PS4. You might be missing the room where you control the defibrillator charge.


you can achieve it on some, it just breaks on a case by case basis. for me it’s broken on sgail but unlocked everywhere else for example


Ok, but however this challenge seems to be broken.
There are bunch of threads about unability to achieve it on Paris, on Santa Fortuna, on Hokkaido, on Sgail, etc


It could be a bug, as I’ve seen people posting issues with challenges unlocking, but having completed 1,261 challenges, I’ve never personally had a problem. Some of the discovery challenges include very small areas, so I don’t think that all of the reported cases are genuinely bugged. I thought that my Paris one might have been bugged, until I found the small garden area shown here (where the red icon is).


You think there are a lot of inattentive people playing?
Even those who ran over every corner of the map several times?
I would believe this theory if there was a couple of complaints, but there are more then enough to conclude it’s a bug…


I’m just stating that it’s not a universal problem, and so people should be careful to dismiss it as being a bug. I almost wrote off the Paris challenge because of what I’d previously read on this forum.

Most of the time, I used the director’s disguise for Hokkaido. That disguise doesn’t give you access to the defibrillator room, and overcharging the defibrillator isn’t part of the mission stories.