Hokkaido problem

Hello everyone,
I just bought the Definitive Edition of Hitman and I received a code inside the CD box that gave me access to two add ons. One of the add ons was Episode 6: Hokkaido. I downloaded it but I still can’t play it (still tells me as if I didn’t download the file)

Ya encontraste la solución? Yo tampoco puedo jugar ese episodio :worried:

I had no problems with downloading and playing it.

Como le hiciste? Yo no puedo, ya descargue manualmente episodio 6 Hokkaido pero no se instala :worried:

I downloaded it with bonus code and it installed. No problem at all.
Do you use same region account as your Hitman disc is?

Lo compré de segunda mano, solo venía el disco y su cubierta sin ningún código, las misiones adicionales si están y el paquete juego del año y la actualización, pero el episodio 6 Hokkaido me sigue apareciendo en rojo :worried: sin poder jugar ninguna de esas misiones del final

@Travis_IOI please assist (and bring a Spanish interpretter).

As i see it. You bought used disc and someone already used code for Hokkaido. Than means you can not use it again, therefore you can not dl Hokkaido within Hitman 2016.
In those screenshots i see you have downloaded legacy missions, and you can not play them without Hitman2.
I dont know if you have H2, but legacy can only be played inside H2. Also probably you will not be able to play Hokkaido in legacy because you dont have it in H1, but i am not sure about that one.
Hope this helps.