Holiday Hoarders (Christmas bonus mission) (13.12.2016)

I hope you can smack them with a Christmas bell.

‘I hate a drunken Santa’…

Looks fun. Looking forward to it.

Hope its not set during the fashion show again though.


Two Robbers are targets

Our targets:

(Marv and Harry reference)


dressed like that you’d think they would stick out like a sore thumb.

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What that ship doing there? Or was it always there?

Excited to see if there are opportunities in this mission.

I hope we can kill them with fun traps like in the movie. Electricity with a sink and stepping on baubles. Little harsh to kill 2 thieves when you feel like you’re in a movie for children :sweat_smile:

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But remember you have to save Christmas :joy:

If you loved the level (when you play it) and you feel like it deserves some credit then you can pay for it here:


Wonder if you can disguise as the targets?

It could be exciting if the mission had a couple of lenient fail conditions - like getting at the robbers before they steal presents.

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Also, I am really excited for the Sniper Challenge pack. The Hitman website said it would include the Jaeger 7 Covert. And the Christmas level looks awesome, hopefully there is new items or opportunities kind of like a free bonus mission.

This is when hitman really starts to get fun. Cant wait to give this new challenge pack a go, wonder what the unlock is

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Thanks mate. Means a lot :smile:

A contract is a contract.

At least they are actually criminals unlike Bosco who’s only crimes were being a jerk and a horrible director.

They showed the new unlock in the picture, looks good! Hokkaido snow rifle

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Sounds, from the description, like this isn’t as ambitious a bonus episode as previous ones.

More like a decorated version of the map with two Sarajevo Six style extra targets.

Not that I’m complaining, but people should probably check their expectations.


I like how the bonus mission targets are really not that evil like story mission targets

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