Holiday Hoarders (HITMAN 2) Discussion

Yes. How is it weird people are disappointed? They brought it on theirselfs with such a dumb move.


you cant drop the items for the santa’s little helper challenge
gotto keep running with that axe :confused:

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Crazy! I am just happy to unlock the Santa Suit again. :smiley:

I didn’t say anything about weird. I said depressing. As in “sad to see how ingratitude reigns in today’s world”. Sad to see how IoI’s positive message of festivity is turned into a sour-fest.

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Yup noticed that, too. Although you can just go back and pick it up after killing both targets.

That means you can’t use the items to pacify anyone, too.

This is what social media has bought to the table it’s given people the opportunity to voice opinion to dev’s directly and as a result people think that everything they write on twitter and reddit will get read and implemented into the game, madness really


Imagine me stealing some of your shit when you’re not looking. You get angry someone stole it. Because you are sad I promise you I will buy something awesome for you this christmas, something totally new. Then 1,5 months later you get that exact stolen item back from me in a christmas present. And when you unwrap it I tell you I want it back after 2 weeks.

How would you feel? Tell me.

Because every person in the world would be totally f*cking mad and won’t take such shit for granded.

Load up HITMAN 2016.

In your hypothetical situation, it would appear you simply misplaced the item you thought was stolen.


The Holiday Hoarders being labelled as a “surprise” and for it to only be available for a short period of time when it was available indefinitely in Season 1 is undeniably a DUMB move.

That however doesn’t mean you bombard them with threats or F bombs. Just explain it in a constructive way why you’re unhappy with this decision.


This is a terrible analogy.

Don’t be ridiculous please

Trust me. I’m really happy Holiday Hoarders is back with new items. But to label it as completely new content when we already had it and then been taken from us, is not much fun.


Don’t call me ridiculous when I’m visibly not being ridiculous. IoI didn’t steal anything from you. The worst it possibly did is that it gave you a less enticing present than you had hoped for, and that it looks very much like a present you already got before (but many didn’t, also bear that in mind).

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Yep everyone,

Get into Holiday Hoarders mission. Effectively, I confirm that you can’t save during this mission. Also, I try to unlock the challenges related to HH. I’v completed the “Ho ho ho” and “Santa Little Helper” challenges.
Yes, you can’t drop the objects (through the “santa little helper”). However, you can retrieve it and it counts towards the challenge. You must get the 12 objects (and the obvious saber and axe visible) to get it.

However, I can’t obtain the “oh deer” challenge. It is not mentionned that you must wear the santa outfit to complete this challenge (so, I did it with another outfit). The two targets come to the wine cellar, look at their empty harvest, and then I explode them with propane gas tanks. However, the challenge didn’t pop up. Do I need to do it in a SA way? (I was spotted when I collected the object in the ceiling) ?
Must I be dressed in santa outfit?


Enjoy your game!

What did you expect? Not even a new item or new challenges. Carbon copy of what we got 2 years back.

there are new items tho

Let them steal everything. They then go outside and stand next to a propane tank. You should be able to blow them up there and unlock the challenge.

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What new items?

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Yup, if you break the coconut, ur done

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If you drop one item that you have to collect for the Challenge then you get -1 on process.