Hong Kong(?), China(?) - Location Discussion

Since it is more or less confirmed that Hong Kong, China was shown in the announcement trailer I thought it deserved its own thread.

What do you guys think? Will this be a location in Hitman 3? And if so, what are your expectations?


I think that we will see Constant’s house. We can see that it’s somewhere in Asia.


I am sure it will be a rainy level.:stuck_out_tongue: Yeah,not a very good joke…
I am sure most of us expect it to be a darker level that reminds of Hitman Contracts.


I think that all of Hitman 3 will have a darker tone.

Say hello to Dubai!
20 characters

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No more flamingo outfits then


I mean, Dubai is the first level which would shown like Miami. If they would show something more dark, people who don’t know the series would be saying “Nah, it’s to dark. I’m not buying it.”

*“most of Hitman III” in that case.

IO just lost a preorder.


But it don’t mean that maps would be dark. I think that overarching mood would be darker.

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They may add one in Dubai.That would make another cool secret exit.:joy:

The look of Dubai does not give me a dark mood.
Anyway,let’s stop derailing this thread.If you want we can move the discussion to the
topic about locations.

You are right. This thread is not for this.

I think it will be great map with plenty of opportunities. Something similar to Sapienza in terms of size.

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Hong Kong is known for it’s big bustling crowds so it would be cool to see that, maybe at a busy night market, also some gory wet markets would be cool. I liked how in the Contracts HK levels you could explore a derelict apartment building and climb bamboo scaffolding (a common sight in HK) so more of that would be good.


THAT is COVID-19, 47. Approach with extreme caution.


It’s going to be really embracing if it turns out to be a Chinatown in the US. :grin:


I already made that joke on another thread (I think it is the HITMAN III Rumours thread).


The samurai helmet in the office The Constant is using would make it Japan.

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Hm. This could be true. After Situs Inversus, Diana was in the train in Japan, and Constant visited her. Maybe he was living nearby?

Do you think he hired that conference room for this, or if it’s within one of Providence’s companies?

I always wondered where he went after their conversation. They’re on a moving train, so he had nowhere to go apart from the next compartment. How awkward would it be if she followed him to continue the conversation :smile:
“Ah, this is embarrassing. Just pretend I mysterious vanished.”

P.S. Is it definitely in Japan, that train ride?