Hotkeys for weapons (HBM)


The inventory is usually full of crap or even if it isnt its a bit annoying to search in it. The idea is to have hotkeys for some things in the inventory. Example:

  1. blunt weapon
  2. lethal weapons
  3. guns (priority silverballer and any kind of silenced gun)
  4. coins

etc, something like that.


Yup, there definitely should be hotkeys for inventory stuff.
The most annoying thing is the inventory management when playing on PC with KB+M.

Good thing I mainly play HITMAN on Xbox though. Maybe the February update will give PC players something?


I dunno… I feel like I’d rather have EMP charge or Micro Remote Explosive on Hot Keys… Styles for playing HITMAN are so different person to person.


I was expecting the inventory hotkeys system even in HITMAN 2016 from the start, like it was in Absolution.
You hit 1 you get your Silvers, you hit 2 you get a fiberwire, you hit 3 and get coins, etc etc etc
Very convenient and faster rather than selection system we have now.
Well, it always can be an option in the settings to choose what inventory selection system you want to use.
Hope someday it will be implemented


Needs to be moved to #hitman-wishlist.