Hotline Miami Series Thread


Which one is better?

  • Hotline miami
  • Hotline miami 2

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My favorite is Hotline miami because:
Story is more interesting and maybe little bit better
Animal masks


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Lol I honestly have a hard time choosing. I love them so much that my opinion keeps flipflopping.
I guess the first game. I can relate to Jacket a bit and the fact that i love all the masks.
Fun Fact: I own Jacket’s… err jacket. :grin:


Most people prefer the first one but I’d say Wrong Number is better. If I want to just play something where I don’t need to use any of my brain capacity, I pick that. :^)


Wrong Number isnt as slidey which i love. Much better controls.


I think 1 is better, but 2 isn’t that bad. The worst part of 2 was that the levels were too big. I had many deaths over when I get shot from some random corner of the map, not even knowing who shot me. I like the new characters though in 2, I just thought that 1 felt more arcade like, which is better for the game IMO.


I don’t think anyone thinks the second game is bad. Just not AS good as the original. I actually don’t mind the big levels but only because i have them memorized by heart. However I almost broke my controller trying to complete hard mode. :rage:
Takeover took me so long to beat. Glad I took the time to beat hard mode though.


IMO, 1 is the better game. 2 is the better experience. I actually felt really bad for a few characters. Especially Richter.


Oh yeeaaah. I totally forgot. In the first game he was kind of an asshole, but the second game actually managed to make me sympathetic towards him.


Kind of off topic, but after playing the first one a lot lately, I would say my favorite masks are either Tony or Richter. I love the silenced uzi, and one punching everyone is really fun. I haven’t played two in awhile, but I want to get most of the achievements in it. I don’t have a favorite mask in 2 yet. Need to play it more to see what it is.


I wouldn’t really say that.

From Jacket’s perspective, it would indeed seem that Richter’s an asshole, due to what he does, but he’s genuinely apologetic, looks death in the eye, and only did it to protect his mother as Evan finds out in 2. Once you start a new game after beating 2, in the cutscene that plays, Richter actually mistakes Richard for Jacket and apologizes for what he did in 1 again.

Looking at it, his personality never really changed between the two.


Yeah you do have a point. But in all honesty when his dialogue in the first game kinda reminded me of typical bad guy dialogue you would hear in a movie. Apologizing and just sorta accepting the consequences. He even says something along the lines of “you and me aren’t so different” which made me think they were going for cheesy 80’s thug.
When I learned why he did the things he did in the second game, I realized he really did mean everything he said. I feel like Wrong Number purposely had him be much more sympathetic Than in the first game.
Sidenote i love that you mentioned the other intro. I loved all the hidden details in the second game. The intro itself is amazing. It actually had the guts to tell the player there’s not much reason to play again. You won’t find answers.


I think that was a bit of a mindfuck, actually. Unless you know exactly where to go on the first playthrough or are just naturally inclined to do some detective work, there’s a couple things to find. Like Biker still being alive, as long as that lasts, anyway. Only as Evan, though, IIRC.


The Bar of Broken Heroes? It was pretty well hidden. The Bonus level was extremely hard to find with out a guide.


It was really easy for me:D I actually completed the level without dying in my first run so i tought it was main story missions ;D


I’m talking about how you unlock the bonus level That takes place in the 50 Blessings Headquarters. In order to unlock it you must Beat Jake’s last level without dying in the last part, grab a floppy disk during cutscene (even though there’s no button prompt telling you to), and pick it up again when Evan is searching his clothes. I don’t know how anyone would figure out how to do that their first time through. Good on ya if you did.


Just like i said i was Lucky:D


What characters are your favorite in Wrong number? My top 3 is:
1: The Fans
2: Jake
3: Richter


Definitely hard to choose. They all have these “differing” personalities. I like that about the second game, everyone feels different.
I’m gonna try to choose five, although it might not be a definitive answer.

5.Manny Pardo and Martin Brown (the pig butcher). Pardo does get more time in the game but i love how both are written. Murderers who are so out of touch with reality. Pardo was a bit predictable but i liked how nobody seemed to care about his actions. Dying paranoid that someone was out to get him even though there were bigger things going on.
4.Evan Wright
It was nice to see someone who was “good” for a change. I think player decisions impact his story the most and you can tell he is kind of good natured. Love how he doesn’doesn’t kill unless if the player really forces him to.
3.The Son
He is psychotic in all the right ways. He takes whatever by force. I’m not sure if it’s correct to say he’s the antagonists but it was interesting to see his views.
2. The Fans
Alot of time was spent their abilities fit each level. They’re a very fun group even if they are killing for wrong reasons.

  1. Richter and The Soldier
    Again very good natured characters. As i said before they’re very sympathetic in a way. The Soldier is fighting a war that he knows they won’t win. You can see through dialogue that he really enjoys just settling down even though every other character has some sort of bloodlust. With Richter I kind of got a bit down upon learning that he only did everything to protect his mother. He’s this genuinely polite and quiet guy who’s forced to commit so many horrible things. He even stands down when he knows he’s outmatched.
    Really I could go on and on about the characters in this game. A lot of love and detail went into them, making every single one of them unique.


Soldier is Beard from First game:DD