Hotline Miami Series Thread


@spodey what did you think of the remaining characters.
Wright is an immediate badass


So I have three whole days to myself coming soon. I think I’ll use that time to make my first level and attempt to learn the ins and outs of the level editor. Does anyone know how i can find someone to make a cover for me?


Just played Vengeance and its prequel. It’s part of a really good Hotline Miami series. My only problems with the first part is that level design gets cramped and the author trys to tell the story mostly out of order but it’s a little clumsy so it’s a bit hard to track Whats going on.


->tfw @SnakeGun gifts you the soundtrack :smile:


Well, you let me play the games on your Steam account :wink:

The games are great, some of the best I’ve ever played. I’d say 2 > 1 because of the variety that 2 offers over the first. 2 also has a better plot with better characters as well. The gameplay itself is fast, fluid, and addictive as hell. The music is also almost flawless. These two games are just so brilliant and I can’t believe it took me until now to play them.

Sidenote - my new phone wallpaper:


Hey @SnakeGun what gives. It’s my b-day. :angry:

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This level editor sure Is tricky to use. I thought I made a pretty decent level but everything is a bit too… compact. Messed with enemy movements alot.



Ok guys. I think I’m getting the hang of things with the level editor. The first floor of my first level is complete. It’s a bit small but I think it may be fun and I actually like the end result. May need to do a bit of fixing. Some other small things I need to figure out. Like how to or how I can get someone to make a cover.
If you guys are interested in what I’m making feel free to ask. :grinning: I’m quite excited for the end result.


Alright, I am interested in your level.
What character are you using? Jacket? The Fans?
Is it going to be a multi floor level, with each floor getting harder?
Is it going to be part of a campaign?

Also, I was reading forums and reddit on the level editor, found a helpful blog post on the basics of level making. It also teaches you how to make a level editor, you need to make a custom folder based on a specific resolution, then place it into a folder in the game files. The blog post can give more.

All this talk might make me interested in level design, might try it or see if i can learn it. Looking forward to playing your levels when they are done.


Character: The Rat (Richter). I wanted to use a character without any special abilities just to sort of dip my foot in. I think levels that use multiple play-styles may need a bit extra attention, otherwise you have a level that may be too hard/easy. I am however thinking about giving Richter his Signature Silenced Uzi. The only problem is the first floor wouldn’t be as challenging.

The level itself is Multi-floored. Not entirely sure about difficulty just yet, though the first floor did provide a pretty decent challenge. The first floor is a bit tight but Easy to navigate. Wish i focused on combos a bit more though. 3 floors are planned along with a small cutscene at the end. Cutscene itself won’t be anything too special. This will be a single level.

I found out how to do cover art but it is much harder than I thought. I’m either gonna have to find someone who can do it for me (not likely) or find some other way. If I can’t find a suitable solution then i’m just going to release the level without a cover.

If you are gonna use the level editor, it does require patience and constant saving Helps too. It took me about 2 hours just to get the first floor to my liking. Be wary of the size of the map too. I thought I was making a pretty challenging map one time only it ended up being too small. It requires alot of trial and error in my case, but it’s oddly satisfying fixing small mistakes and seeing your level run well.

This level editor is pretty awesome if you set some time for it. Very satisfying to use once you get the hang of things.


It’s referencing the drums’ delay in “Run”, the subway level BGM.


I’m happy to report that my first level is now finished. I’m wondering if I should attempt to create a cover for it or just release it. I hope you guys really enjoy it!


Decided to try my hand at cover art and i actually made something fairly decent. Nothing great but i think its passable. Looking to upload my level later today or tomorrow.


@Spodey @theinternet11 @Tuppe I’ve uploaded my level. I can’t seem to find it in steam workshop though. Is there something I’m doing wrong? If you guys do find it, I’d love to hear your guys opinions on it!


Found it. Surprisingly, it was the first one on Most Recent. The level is called GUNRUNNER, if you can’t find it. Looking forward to playing it.


Just finished the level. Really fun for a first level. I can’t remember the score I got, but I got the A+ ranking. I liked the use of silenced weapons, like the silenced uzi. Felt that it fit Richters use of the silenced uzi in the firs game.

Think my favorite floor was the third one, because I like levels where you can get great combo chains, as well as still being challenging. It felt more like a HM1 level because there was different rooms for different people, and you don’t get shot from the other side of the floor, which is a good thing.

My least favorite floor was probably the first one, most likely because of the guy in the beginning. Since you die a lot in the game, you always have to lure the first guy in the room with the gun towards you, which got tedious because I prefer more fast paced gameplay for the levels.

The level was balanced good, it didn’t have too many dogs or the black guards, which is good compared to the hard mode of HM2, which did not do a great job of that. I also liked the silenced uzi in the level, because it was a rare gun to find in HM2, and I also liked the cutscene at the end.


Glad to hear you guys like it so far! If you can rate on steam that would be a great help!
In the vanilla game Richters levels did remind me of HM1, so i felt that kind of led to the overall tight design of the level. For a first level I’m quite proud of it. I feel like my patience really paid off espicially after accidentally losing my other first level because i didn’t save. Look forward to making more for you guys. Hopefully this wasn’t just a one time fluke. XD
Thanks again for the support guys!


I started working on a new level. I might not have as much time to work on it like the last one, but i think i kinda have it all planned out. Or at least some idea what i want to do. If you’re interested feel free to ask questions. I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated.


Update 1
I’m having a bit of trouble with the cutscene. I put in an optional cutscene, however the level itself will not end without another cutscene closing it out. I wonder if it’s a bug or if I’m just missing something.
I also can’t seem to find that many film props and npcs Like the director or soundman. I looked through the list excessively and yet I found nothing.
If you’re wondering about what kind of level it’ll be, I’m making a level using the Pig Butcher. 3 floors are planned but overall the level’s difficulty is a bit easy. As I stated before there is an optional cutscene at the beggining.
That’s all for now!
Good Hunting!