Hotline Miami Series Thread


@Spodey @theinternet11 @Tuppe My new level Fresh Meat is now available.


I dont have HM on Pc;D But i already know that level might be good:)


Diablo’s butcher reference?


Guys what do you think about the Last Boss in Jackets Story? First time i played it was hard died like 3-7 times but now its pretty easy. I like how boss got 3 different Waves and how they are different


No Never played Diablo. The name is just because it takes place in an abandoned meat factory. Too bad there weren’t that many assets or sprites that could replicate that.


In the Original Hotline Miami? Yeah I thought it was a bit difficult at first but extremely easy after you know what to do.


Yes? Its only game where you play as Jacket???


Well you can play as him in the level editor.


You are just like my friend who is always Smartass;D


Lol i wasn’t actually sure. There’s a campaign in the level editor called Jacket’s Story.


I dont have level editor:|


Oh yeah. Do you have a laptop btw?


Yes of course;D
20 characters


Oh dude I’ll just get you HM 1 and 2 when i get paid next!


Oh man;,D
20 characters


Just read from HM wiki that Richter is using different Uzi when he shoots jacket


It’s on the house!


yea boiiiiiiiiiiii


Gonna upload more at the cosplay thread tomorrow.


Is that Thors Hammer;D?