Hotline Miami Series Thread


Same, Richter was one of my favorite masks in HM1, along with Tony and Brandon. But HM2 had a lot of cool weapons, I liked the ones you get in the military levels.


Flamethrower and Sniper are really awesome weapons:D


Carl mask is also awesome because Drill. Really cool and brutal execution


Yeah, I have been using it a lot, it’s an easy way to almost get an A+ for the levels if it’s the only thing you use. I also used the sniper a lot in 2, I would just hide in rooms and pick off people. Never really got to try the flamethrower, but I want to play HM2 again after I get all the achievements in HM1.


I might be the minority, but something about the simple kick of a shotgun in this game feels good.
Told ya. :wink:


Also the Nail Gun in HM2. Worst “Pistol” in the series byt really awesome idea


I finally did it. I got every achievement in HM1. The hardest achievement to do was the A+ one, for some reason I had a really hard time doing Crackdown (level where police come in) and Hot and Heavy. I mostly used the Carl mask, but if I could not A+, I would just use Zack. Time to move on to HM2, last time I finished it was way back in 2015.


What is your favorite:
Mask in HM1
Jake mask
Fan Mask?
Mine are:
Alex and Ash


HM1- Richard the Rooster, Zack the Frog, and Willem the Monkey.
Richard is iconic and I own a rooster mask almost like it. Zack is extremely useful because i mainly go for combos. Willem is just awesome. Typing someone’s throat out Then taking their weapon and killing their buddies. feels badass to pull off.
Jake’s masks- err Jake.
I like the design and i find the killing throws to be lifesaving.
Fans- Tony.
Again the design fits the character and i love the restriction of no weapons. I know most other characters have this too, but playing as Tony made me feel unstoppable.


The best part of Tony, is that he can finally punch and execute the big guys, which wasn’t a thing you could do in HM1. I kind of think Tony’s nerf was necessary, because he was way too OP in 1.


I can agree. Congrats on getting platinum btw.


What are your guys favorite antihero of HM2
Pardo, The Son, Martin Brown, or Jake?


Pardo and Jake:D
Jake because He got masks
Is Richter Anti-Hero? I know that Evan and Beard are like real heroes


Did you know that Zebra guy was going to have katana but they removed it from him:/


Did you know the Zebra guy is actually a girl? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No I didn’t know that BTW. I think they did that so The Son would have a unique weapon. I heard a theory that The Son’s loadout choices are based on the final boss of the first game.
The broken sunglasses and Katana are a reference to the female bodyguard that Jacket killed. She wore sunglasses and used a katana. The Brass Knuckles are kind of shaped like Panther paws. The Dual wield is a reference to his father, who can also dual wield. The date on the bullet in the selection screen is the same date his father died.


Did anyone actually master the Zebra’s dodge roll ability? I could never get good with it, always rolled into a wall, or into an enemy. She was probably the hardest fan to master, all the other ones are simple to use.


Once again Corey the Zebra is a female. They officially released what her face looks like in game

It took awhile for me to master her roll. It can be used to avoid gunfire and some melee attacks (I think). She can be useful for combos, but it’s pretty difficult to master.


Its obvious that she is girl;)


I am playing HM2 again, and I love the flamethrower. I never used it in my first playthrough, and I went through the power plant level really fast, where as on my first try doing it, it took forever. I also like the sniper rifle, because you can see farther with it.


Sniper is really good weapon in Power plant