Hotline Miami Series Thread


On the wiki, it says Taser Kills only count as a kill on Final Cut and don’t count on the level Caught. It’s a bug in the game, so that might be the missing weapon.


I knew about that before. I can confirm that i definitely used it on Final Cut. Unfortunately i don’t think that achievement list is on the ps3 version. Guess I’m gonna have to guess.


So I was looking through the HM2 User Created levels, based on Top Rated of All Time. Surprisingly, I found a Hitman level, that someone made. They even made a custom character model for 47, as well as some custom music for it. You have to assassinate a gang leader. The level maker for HM2 is really cool, with a lot of options and depth. You can even play as Jacket and Biker, and make custom campaigns and characters. Jacket also has all of his masks from the first game as well that you can use.


Oh yeah. Too bad it’s not available on PlayStation. I would never stop playing it if it was. I heard a rumors that they were gonna port some of the better levels on the PlayStation versions but it never happened. I love the detail they added to the characters. All the fans now have confirmed faces and so does Biker. I like that they choose not to reveal Jacket’s face. Also I saw that there was a brand new character named The Hammer. Everything about looks awesome.


Wait, level editor is not available on PS? Why the hell not?


If I recall they couldn’t get it to work well. I’ll have to read the blog on why, the PC version of Wrong Number has it, probably because it’s more flexible and lets you make more custom stuff.


Yeah, it’s a shame. Also, you don’t need a really good PC to run HM2, I have an average labtop, and it runs those types of games fine. The Hotline Miami series also goes pretty cheap on sales as well.


Believe me if i had my own laptop I would get it in a heartbeat.


Just kind of popped up in my head. I love Tony’s face. It perfectly fits his “fuck off” personality.I mean all the fans looks good but Tony looks like they spent the most time with.


His pupils look a bit too small kinda giving him this crazy look. I always thought he was the most laid back of the group.

My least favorite. He looks waaaay to feminine. I saw a much better fan recreation.

She also looks like she matches her personality a bit. Love the messy hair.

Eyes look a bit too buggy but that’s my only complaint.

What are your guy’s thoughts on their faces?


Agree with Ash’s face. I think the lips for him are too red, and his eyebrows look kind of strange, I don’t think it fits his face.

I like Tony’s face, like the cut on his nose. Also his lips and his overall expression fits his personality in the game.

Overall, they are all pretty good. Maybe Ash needs some work, but I think the personalities that they have, all match with the faces they have. Also, I think Mark looks good with all the hair he has, kind of matches the mask he wears because bears have a lot of fur.

Also you forgot about Jake, who I think looks great for who he is. The Confederate flag in his room, his personality, and how he gets angry fast with the phone call.


I was just focusing on the fans primarily, but yeah Jake really matches his personality. Kinda brave of Them to put a playable skinhead. At least that’s what he reminds me of. I’m a bit iffy on his eyes though. I know they probably meant to but it feels a bit cartoony to give him snake eyes.

As for Ash I did see a much better Fan recreation of his face.

Ash’s face reworked
Looks a bit thinner, lips aren’t female lips any more, and has a nice soul patch on his chin. I also like that he has a bit of a happier demeanor.


I’m willing to forgive Ash’s face on the basis that he and Alex are twins.


I said that too but the reworked version is much better and you can still get the feeling that they’re twins.


Having just noticed the rework, I agree.


So I have been playing HM2 a lot lately, can anyone explain the ending? I know that the three enemies are the fans, and that it was caused by that drug the son took, but why did he see the fans in his trip? Is it because of how he shoots Alex and Ash in the game? Because the police shot Mark, Tony and Corey, so did the son just get confused, and he thought he killed them?


Police did not shoot them. The Son did. What you see in this level is exactly what happens in Death Wish, only from Son’s drug induced point of view. In Death Wish all the guys tell the rest over walkie talkie that they’ve cleared their floor and then it cuts off, what you don’t see is the Son killing them afterwards, finishing everything with Alex and Ash on the roof.


Is there a reason why the son did not kill Tony? Was it because he was on a different floor or the son spared him? Because Pardo shot Tony, and Tony was supposedly “killed” in the Sons trip.



The Fans last mission takes place during the same time The Son has his drug trip. The only one confirmed to be killed by the police it’s Tony who is shot by Manny. Although I’m not sure how Tony survived his encounter with The Son. Maybe he was badly scarred? As for the rest of them I do think they were killed by The Son. For one thing that’s a really quick response time from the police to Immediatly kill the fans. When each fan hears a noise it’s most likely the son coming to get them. It also doesn’t make much sense that they would manage to corner 3 of the fans in a small room but only kill 2. I won’t doubt if this theory has holes in it, but i do genuinely think that Dennaton meant for The Son to be their killer but forgot the details. The fact that the swan monster fights back when in reality the son shot them without any hassle is kinda proof that they may have forgotten details.

I’m gonna try to see both sides though.

Maybe it’s just as possible that the son heard reports of the fans attacking and sorta got a picture in his mind of what he was up against, even though he never really fought against them. He could’ve just just imagined that he ran into his attackers. 'Although the son was killing everyone in sight including his own men, so it’s likely he wasn’t communicating.

I’m gonna side with my first theory though. Sorry for the long ass post


Explained much better than i did. :joy:


Like i said, maybe Tony only managed to get scarred and managed to get away from the son.