Hotline Miami Series Thread


Interesting Responses. When I first played the game, I was confused with it, but after playing through it again I actually understand it. Thanks for clearing the information. I got most of it, but this got me to understand it fully.

Do you guys think that Tony would have survived/get arrested if it wasn’t Manny who shot him point blank? There was a shit ton of SWAT in the building, so I don’t know if the SWAT would have spared him, or just kill him fast for being an extremely dangerous person. .


So any user created levels you guys like? I watched a few on YouTube. There was one using Editor exclusive character The Hammer.
It’s kind of a retelling of Jackets story only The Hammer ends up getting killed off by the nuke. The moment leading up to the ending was pretty stupid though as it devolved into “Bro” puns… just why?.. other than that it was a pretty cool story in my opinion.


He surrendered as soon as Pardo walked through the door. So I don’t think he was willing to fight his way out seeing as all his friends were dead. When Manny told the Swat commander that he had to shoot, the commander looked disappointed, like his goal was to take him in. I think the SWAT would have ultimately have to spare him, especially since he gave up quickly. Bit of a shame to see my favorite fan go out like that but i do think that’s what anyone would do in that situation.


I have been playing the level editor a lot. Here are some of my favorites:

Contract (Hitman themed, start with silenced pistol, custom 47 player model
Hard Rock (Jacket, night club, lots of enemies, dense areas)
Moonlight (reminds me of Deus Ex, Hammer, very nice color scheme)
Strike (Jones gator mask from 1, bowling alley, start with fire axe)

I haven’t played any of the custom campaigns yet, but I have a lot installed. I have been mostly doing hard mode so I want to focus on that, but some of the levels that people make are really cool. I even have a custom campaign with multiple endings. Really cool stuff.


I gotta get a pc soon… HM2 will run on cheap PC’s right?’


Yeah, it isn’t that demanding. I have played it on a really decent PC that could barely run Fallout NV at times. But it ran HM1 and HM2 fine, no lag or fps drops. I am on my labtop now, and it runs fine on it. And HM1 and HM2 are cheap on steam when on sales. You can also check the specs on the steam store page for the games.


Probably only getting the second game for the level editor


Also in both Hotline miami you can find Mother Russia bleeds Arcade games

In the City level you can see the fans in backround


You can find the biker? Is he playable? I just started playing Mother Russia Bleeds


No that just promo picture for the game:D Dev team said thst he was too brutal for the team;D


I really hope that Le Cartel will make new games:) MRB was one of Best indie and best games i played in 2016.


What exactly is Mother Russia Bleeds? I have heard of the game, but what do you do in the game? Also pretty cool for Biker to be for a promo for the game.


Its like combination of Hotline miami and Street of rage:)


I was gonna say Hotline and Streets of Rage.
It’s a 2-D Beat em up.


Sounds pretty cool. Might have to check it out during a sale or after I finish some other games.

To not derail this thread, how the hell do you get the Genocide achievement for HM2? I have played through the game a couple times, and have died a lot. I am only at about 13000, when I need 50000. What’s the fastest way to get it?


I just chanced it:D Do you like the game? I also think that Hotline miami and Mother Russia bleeds are in same universe


Its already on sale in ps4


Is there proof for that? No spoilers for Mother Russia Bleeds please. I do like the game but I’m still just starting.


You can find Mother russia bleeds arcade game in Both HM games and there are some easter eggs in MRB to HM. I will tell more about story after you complete the gamr


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