Hotline Miami Series Thread


Really good Spin-off comic series to Hotline miami.


I really want the Erick Scarecrow figures.


Did you see the Alex and Ash figures? There was a Kickstarter for them but I don’t think it reached the goal. Shame, because they looked really detailed. Don’t think you can buy them anymore.


Really? That’s too Bad. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Jacket and Biker figure.


So I’ve been doing some thinking and I can’t quite explain how Richter and Biker survive the events of the first game. I guess with Richter it’s a bit easier to explain.You have a choice to spare him or choke him out. Even if do choke him, it’s possible he just passed out. But the Biker I can’t explain. His head looks like it got smashed in In the first game, but he seen later on in the second game. I would just chalk his appearance down to some hallucination, but he’s also seen at the protest of Jacket’s hearing. Does anyone have any explanations?


I think I read somewhere that Biker was only knocked out by Jacket, instead of getting his head smashed. I am guessing that Biker died in Jackets coma, but not in real life. Richter was most likely spared by Jacket in the cell.


Jackets is in Coma;) Maybe he remembered fight with biker differently? In HM2 Biker got scar in his face BUT he also mention meeting with Janitors. Thats why Richter tryied kill Jacket because he failed to kill biker


That does seem logical now that i think about it. A strike from a golf club might be strong enough to leave a scar but destroying the head completely seems unlikely. But then again Jacket is strong enough to smash a man’s head in with his bare hands.:wink:


BTW @Spodey have you played the second game yet? Really curious on your thoughts.


Yeah, I tried it. Last I played was the end of act two where they beat the dude to death, and despite the fact that I barely knew him it hit me in the feels ;_;

Overall I prefer the first. HM2’s maps are way too big and often I’m shot from across the map by somebody I can’t see :stuck_out_tongue: I prefer the original’s soundtrack too but some tracks are an exception (the title screen track is just :heart_eyes:)


I thought you would like Expanses 2! :wink: It’s extremely relaxing especially with headphones.


Also forgot to mention. This game really gets to me, killing off some characters you get attached to. Also the scene that happens if you start a new game after beating it.


The gettogether of all the characters? Yeah it’s great, I loved it. Also, the music in it.

Did you guys experience the secret scene in the bar?


Bar of Broken Heroes. A few of us brought it up.


Also a good detail in Hard mode new cutscene its the only Where Richter speaks while wearing Mask


What? Lol I didn’t quite understand that.


In HM2 main story cutscenes Richter dont have his mask but In Hard mode starting cutscene he has it


Oh yeah I recall. Although you can still see the same cutscene on normal mode. It appears once you beat the game. There is a secret message in the credits if you beat hard mode.


What:O This is first time i heard anything about it


It’s a strange message. I don’t know what exactly it means in the context of the game.