House of Cards Glitch?

I am not sure whether this is a glitch or I am doing something wrong? I want to snipe the sheikh from the scientist’s balcony. I wait until after the handover has taken place in the casino and the sheikh has taken his telephone call from the roof. After he is back in his seat and the South African blonde guy has left, I activate the fire alarm on the 8th floor. I wait until everybody has evacuated the scientist’s room before I go in and try to click the “sheikh redial” on the bedroom table using the X button on the PS3. Nothing happens. The box sometimes appears on the screen with the “cancel” option but I just can’t get the sheikh to answer his phone. My controller is working perfectly and I have experienced the same problem when trying a different one. All I get is the cancel option. Is this a known problem or am I doing something wrong?

Hopefully IOI will fix this in the next patch


Next patch for Blood Money?
I doubt that

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:unamused: really thought people would have got the joke


Maybe Sheik is talking with the German at the moment, so he’s busy. Or he waits till the briefcase arrives.

‘You’re not joking, you’re playing on people’s feelings’ © :slight_smile:

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I always redialed him before the handoff, maybe that’s the issue here.

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Yeah, if I remember right, when the meeting with the south african and the sheik occurs you can’t call him.

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That seems to be correct. Many thanks!

It is a very large casino.

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Just hit the redial button before the deal takes place. He should take the call almost immediately, if I’m remembering correctly.

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I think the biggest problem with a house of cards is it’s very existence. Oops did I just type that?

It was one of my favourite games and I played a lot back in the day, but I never once let them actually make the exchange :open_mouth:

Aw that’s a shame. I’m sure those criminals could’ve enjoyed each other’s charming personalities.

Does sarcasm work in this forum?