How about Jebadiah Block?

Maybe this is just repeating myself, but… when the game was just released I asked if the Master of Ceremonies could be triggered to perform the burning of the effigy:
The Master of Ceremonies [Spoilers]

And in the forum for Three Headed Serpent I talked about the Lack of Fallbacks for key NPCs. That is, a lot of key characters are meant as disguises, and cannot be triggered to do things themselves.

Now comes the time for Jebadiah Block. Maybe he has a fallback?

Can he be made to attend the meeting with Sophia Washington? Does anyone know? If he does I’d love to know about it.

The most promising possibility I found, that straight up made me mad that it didn’t work, because it seemed so clear to me is this:

  • The Constant arrives to talk to Block. He makes Block think he’s supporting communism (he is shocked to hear this, so this is new to him).
    Afterwards Block is on the phone and it’s clear he’s not supporting Sophia at all anymore, referring to the Ark Society as “tree-huggers”.
    My conclusion was: If I intercept the Constant before this conversation, maybe Block will decide to go to the meeting?

Hint: He doesn’t. :rage:

Frankly, I feel like IO needs to look over what kind of possibilities their missions are implying. The lack of fallbacks is the most frustrating when it feels like the game is communicating that a fallback exists.

Really, Block should go either way. He could vote no if the Constant gets to speak to him (Sophia takes him to the penthouse where you’re waiting in the knight’s armour), and vote yes if you intercept the Constant (makes them toast, and you can poison Sophia’s glass).

Anyways, this isn’t just an excuse to rant about a lack of fallbacks. I genuinly want to know if Jebadiah Block can be made to go to the meeting. Anyone know?


I would like to know this as well. Is there a way to get the meeting to happen without you disguising as block?

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re getting at, but it’s a related point: many of the mission stories seem rushed and poorly thought out in general. Especially the ones involving disguises for specific, well-known people. Do they really expect players to believe that Sophia Washington wouldn’t be able to tell her rival and former lover apart from Agent 47 because he’s wearing the same hat and tie? Or that 47 could easily impersonate a world-famous reality TV personality and celebrity tattoo artist who looks and sounds nothing like him? At least in Sapienza, Francesca will see through the golf coach disguise unless you sit in the chair in a darkened corner… plus, 47 doesn’t say anything and lets her do all the talking. Or for Helmut Kruger, the game goes out of its way to depict him as being an extreme look-alike. Better mission design and more thoughtful writing would have allowed for some way to let Agent 47 insinuate himself into these situations in a natural, or at least plausible, way. As it is, they often feel very forced.


To be frank I sort of feel like they pull this off to varying degrees of success. The P-Power bit kind of works for me because of the little conversation between Rico and Catalina that acknowledges the ridiculous nature of it all.
Sophia going “I didn’t recognize you without a knife in my back” didn’t have the same effect for me.

To some extent I feel like these sort of silly disguise moments are a part of the Hitman franchise, but they need to be handled correctly.


For me, the fun of a unique kill like some of those you mention above trumps the suspension of disbelief. For things like this, gameplay/fun > simulation, IMO.

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I’m not asking for perfect realism, just competent writing and planning that allows for plausible situations in a game that has mostly tried not to cross too far over the line of absurdity. Season 1 handled this by intelligently setting up scenarios where you impersonate people who are either unknown to or whose appearances are unknown to the marks you’re trying to fool, and when it deviated from that it had good reasons.

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I agree with you 100% that Block should go to the meeting. I think the waiters by the well explain he’s already a no vote though. I think the constant just reinforces his no vote.


Colombia and Sgail, as far as I know, were developed by the same team; I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both missions are a little less flexible when it comes to mission stories than Miami and Mumbai. The Shaman story in Colombia is another frustration, because two of the street soldiers specifically talk about needing to get him for Andrea Martinez, and the intel suggests they’re willing to do so by force if need be. But you can’t disguise yourself as a soldier and talk to him or even threaten him into meeting Martinez. And similarly in Sgail, you can’t just present the dagger to anybody to start the funeral (you can, though, tell the harpist to start playing and that will bring Washington around until the director says it’s a false start).

Now, to be fair, not having fallbacks was really common in the previous game; Sal Falcone’s meeting with De Santis is about the only story I can think of that doesn’t require you disguising yourself as the character in question. But not having them feels more out of place now when stories like the mascot’s or the Kashmirian are present.

Also, while you can’t make the Master of Ceremonies perform the effigy, you can summon Zoe Washington by either shooting the torch or tossing a flare into the money pit.


I think IOI only really caught on to flexible opportunities late in Season 1. Landslide and Hokkaido both have them, with the priest opportunity, Bravuomo opportunity and the surgeon opportunity (sort of the KAI opportunity too since you can do it Suit Only with scramblers or the RFID chip). I’m really glad they’ve embraced these, I love it in Mumbai in particular with the Kashmirian stories.

i’m not too sure about that. Kruger can go to the meeting by himself (Paris), Lafayette does the session with Caruso by himself (Sapienza), etc.

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I noticed cake has already mentioned this, but Helmut Kruger will go to the meeting with Dalia by himself, and Dr LaFayette goes to the session with Silvio eventually (you have to proximity trigger him though, which I don’t like).
Silverballer also mentioned Landslide and Hokkaido.
I’d like to chime in with A House Built on Sand, where you can use the walkie talkie as a simple fallback, as well as The Author in Patient Zero, which must be the ultimate fallback level. Make the meeting happen earlier or not at all (ring the bell or destroy the bell). Let them meet, or meet Akram as Craig Black, or meet Craig Black as Akram.

Really, I did get the feeling from Season 1 that they slowly started “getting it”. That’s why missions like “Three Headed Serpent” and “The Ark Society” disappoint me.


I mean ones you can trigger yourself without having to wait for it to happen.

I really think it’s to do with different teams. There wasn’t really any verbal feedback about this in Season 1 because I don’t think many of us picked up on it but now we have so hopefully the first team can make sure the second team incorporates flexible opportunites a bit more.

The one that kills me (even though there is a fallback of sorts) is A House Built on Sand. There should be a way to get Matthew to the meeting without actually bringing him there or becoming him. I know it was just used as a good example, bc he can be brought there, you can become him, or you can just steal the walkie talkie and lie that he’s there to get the other guy to arrive… but he should really either find his was there eventually or puke puke guard should eventually feel better.