How about mutating levels?

Give us a mutating level! At first, you’re in a relatively small but compartmentalized area - like a plane, ship or train. Then, at the 20~30min mark, the level changes because of some event (plane lands at airport, ship docks, train arrives at station) then the level mutates into a normal level of the smaller variety like Whittleton Creek - the aforementioned airport, harbor, station.

A couple of mission stories can be exclusive to the small section of the map. The rest are for the normal sized one. You’d have entry points that took you immediately to the bigger section (if you’re going for some challenge in the larger section) or for flavor.

This could be kind of cool!


It COULD work for maybe one location but I imagine that that is FAR more easily said than done.

helllll no I’m finished 99% of missions by that point


This reminds me of those random events from advanced warfare like the tsunami and the avalanche

yeah, make it 5/10 minute mark or something.

They already experimented with that, think about the race in miami, or the train in mumbai. We have an event that takes place in a set amount of time, I guess they could change the level too, but only if it includes a door being opend etc. Because I dont think the engine is capable of a whole set moving around.

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This is a bad idea, it wouldn’t work since it would be very annoying to wait for targets that appear after a while, this is one of the main reasons why A house of cards was hated by many players


I don’t like this, you would be forced to wait or to rush. What they do with Miami is already the biggest stretch they can do in this regard.