How accessible is Hitman with all the settings turned off?


Ok. I’m trying to play this game with all the important settings turned off - Instinct, Opportunities, Icons, Attention, etc., and I’m not really enjoying the game as much as I was with the handholding. Is it just me? Hopefully we can get some honest answers here and not just a bunch of crotch-grabbing, bandwagon answers. Is this game unplayable without the hints? My experience has been that there’s just too much walking around, standing around, waiting for my target to complete his patrol orbit so I can see what he’s doing again. Not every NPC has important dialogue so the game becomes a search for a needle in a haystack. Anybody actually having success playing the game as Purist as possible.

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It is a bit mind bending at first. Kind of a sensory overload. It also makes some of the stuff like various assassinations almost non functional because you might figure out the method, but miss the step in the opportunity and have no idea why nothing is happening. It’s by turns awesome and infuriating.


It’s actually the first time I’ve ever played Hitman this way. I’ve played Silent Assassin and Blood Money on Professional, but it was after having beaten them on Normal. It’s the first time I’m diving in head first into Purist. It’s quite an experience to say the least.


I finished Showstopper with EVERYTHING off and it was challenging but not impossible. Took me like 3 hours to came up with a plan and kill both targets. With Blood Money, I always played it on Professional and this settings for HITMAN seem like the closest to that difficulty, although if you turn attention you could say it replaces the notoriety bar from Blood Money. Anyway, give it a chance with every single option turned off.


I have only the icons turned on right now. Until I memorize which ones are the enforcers , it makes it too frustrating, especially knowing you’ll have wait 2 or 3 minutes for a reload if you get killed.


Played with only the mini map to see the enforcers (I dont like the icons above head). It took me around 40 minutes in my first play through on showstopper.


I have everything off except enforcer icons and I think it’s fun to figure stuff out by myself. I’m actually a bit surprised at the old school level of difficulty; it doesn’t feel like I’m being babysat or shoved in a direction nearly as much as in other modern games.

My problem with turning enforcer icons off is that detection becomes completely arbitrary. There needs to be SOME way to consciously influence your success rate when it comes to blending in, and memorizing enforcers just for the sake of it seems pointless. Then you’re basically playing with icons anyway since it means you know which guards (out of other identical looking guards) will recognize you beforehand, so why bother.


I’d say it’s probably better to just leave the enforcer icons on. I have those and attention wigglies too. They aren’t compulsory so maybe I’ll forgo those, but not having enforcers visible just seems like it would just take extra time just to find out who the enforcers are if there’s a bunch.


Regarding the gameplay settings, please let me know if you think we have missed anything. Personally, I think “NPC Mini Map Indicators: ON/OFF” would be a welcomed addition.

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Square icons above the active objects a bit annoying, but i understand that can be difficult to recognize active objects without it.


They’re hardly noticeable and they can be turned off.


Great idea Morten. How about a look/aim sensitivity? And an option to turn off ambient music, not just the score.


Semi-related: The addition of a fast walking button for us PC players would be great. On consoles 47 can move at different speeds, but on pc he’s always walking and sneaking really fast. It makes it impossible to stalk your target around, being escorted etc and just makes the game very fast paced.

So having 47 walk slowly as default, and holding a button would make him walk faster. Plz, I’ve been wanting this since I first played Absolution. :frowning:


they are still there and i have all settings off.


Please add a map hotkey, I’m playing with everything turned off and I want to play it like BM and that’s the one thing that I’m missing the most. tapping f1 and then going to map doesn’t feel the same. PS; also, real time map would be nice as an option.


You just have to be more catious when walking in a room, that’s all. Try everything off, it’s not that hard.


I think the biggest change we have to get used to is size and things to do. It’s just overwhelming and there so much stuff to take in. That’s why I decided to learn the missions first and then remove everything that helps me (except for instinct, because it’s just a live map).


I second this request. The sensitivity for the PC version when playing with a 360 controller is too low for my liking.


Hey Morten, I think the text in the upper right hand corner of the screen that tells you when you’ve performed a “ballistic kill” or whatever could be removed too.


You can turn off object’s highlight, not the icon :frowning: