How are Io addressing the discrepancies between H1/2/3

I’ve been reading around the forum and seeing people bring up that dynamic titles are a thing again (Silent Assassin, Mixologist, etc.) and it’s made me wonder if they are going to be carrying over to H1 and 2. By extension, I wondered exactly how much disparity did Io work to rectify between games? Does H1 still have no localized accents? Does H2 still have weird motion comic cutscenes? Are we going to have to unlock classic suits again? One of my fears since H2 was announced as a standalone was the expansions to the World of Assassination trilogy resulting in a final, disjointed franken-game, and I haven’t seen much about H3 that alleviates this concern. I’m already kind of disappointed that stuff like the fibre wire animation (AFAIK) and lack of dual ballers are being retained, and the story beats of H2 leave a sour taste, but the levels in this do greatly interest me, especially with the change in tone I’ve been dying for since 2016. I’m already not getting H3 until its GOTY edition lands on Steam with all DLC included, but if it does launch disjointed like I fear, it’s very likely I’ll just watch a walkthrough on YT and wait until the next Hitman game, whenever that may be - if ever.

I heard the cutscenes are changed for Hitman 2. Localised accents aren’t really in Hitman 3 aside from Chongqing so there’s no real discrepancies, and you can unlock all location suits now from 20 mastery.


Great to hear about suits, never cared much (or had the time) for Elusives so getting access to them otherwise makes me really happy

Morten said today that H2 cutscenes will remain the same.

There are localised accents in Dubai, Berlin, Chonqing and Mendoza.


Ah fuck that’s a disappointment. I was hoping they’d be changed, because that’s the biggest problem with the story is that it goes from full motion to still image back to full motion.


now i really wonder how did they spend all the money from those exclusive deals since there aren’t new features, no localisations, no updated cutscenes, no ghost mode, no sniper mode and only 5,5 levels with the very costly deluxe edition too :confused:

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I’d honestly would’ve preferred remade cutscenes over localised accents, I know that’s unpopular but I play Hitman with subtitles on so I can just imagine everyone’s speaking with an accent. I can’t imagine better cutscenes because the eyes don’t lie.

in Berlin, no there is not.

i guess i agree. the accents are at least consistently inconsistent :upside_down_face:

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those funds are for their next games (007 and the multiplayer game). they said that in their financial report for last year

i see. well, i hope it’s gonna be a great one then. still, i believe they were in a much worse situation with h2 financially

Could you post the tweet or discord message where he says this btw? I believe you I’m just in the bargaining stage where I’m trying to see if he meant something else :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

h2 cutscenes are not remade. period

Why kick me when im down :sob:.


I wish they have remade those cutscenes in the final chapter, would’ve added more consistency to the ensemble.

Now it will always remain a pain while going back to rewatch those. Sad :confused:


I laughed when the game started with just text on a black screen, like “oh no they’ve downgraded the cutscenes again”


Cutscenes are now just videos of Travis narrating, “Imagine, if you will”