How are you going to approach Hitman lll?

Everyone on HMF: H3 is like a fine wine, you must take your time and enjoy each sip



Like I did for H2016 and H2. I’ll start with the first mission of H3 and play it till I obtain a SA score and achieve mastery level 20. Next I’ll move to the second mission of H3, find a way to get SA and so on. I’ll probably play some H2016 and H2 missions between them to chill. When the game is completed, I’ll move on to SA/SO runs and finish with Master SA/SO difficulty. Finally, completing 100% the game and enjoying it like I still do with Hitman games (BM, Abs, 2016, H2) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grinning:

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I usually try to do each map without HUD, instinct and such stuff and try to get SA. After that I turn on what I have usually and do mastery.


I will be playing H2016 and H2 again until the release of H3. Then I’ll try to finish every challenge of the first map until I go to the next one. Never tried a new map without HUD or hints, so that would be a nice challenge.

That’d be my plan as well. Though I may look into the Mastery rewards of the level I’m currently playing and if there’s a particular item I want continue with that level.

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Same as most here I see, first thru the story without rushing but indeed also not fooling around. Then replay the coolest missions/get to know maps and explore every corner. The gooing for max lvl on all maps… Then randomly olay missions to my hearts content…

I’m going to try at least one mission sniper assasin on my first try, seems like a unique challenge

First I will play every mission once with the default loadout, SA is mandatory. After that I will subtly explore every map trying to find as many kill possibilities as I can without looking at the challenges. At this point I’ll be likely to fuck up a lot so I will use saves quite often. When I get to know the maps better I will use them less and eventually stop using them at all.

I hope this time I will not completely spoil some maps to myself in advance.


I will play it in episodic fashion completing 1 level at a time until I am bored and move on to the next and I will try and not use the forum for a little while which I can tell you now will be a lie.

Last 2 games I really think checking out the forum spoiled a lot of the game for me. But I couldn’t help myself.

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I’ll play through the story start to finish with no restarting/reloading (unless I get smoked, obviously) before going back and ticking off all the challenges in each level. The goal will be silent assassin right from the start, but there’s no turning back the clock if/when things go south.


I do agree with the no restart policy. Improvisation to me is a big part of the game, reloading or restarting completely negates that.


I’ll be doing the same as Keyser, while also trying to get extra map & route information, (which I suck at ever since my break from H2 for some reason,) of course. I’ll probably also be streaming my gameplay, knowing my luck my PS4 will die by then or my stream will go down lol.

Speedrunning on day 1 baby


Pretty much yes :grin: I might even kill 15+ npc till I get to the target but I want to see how the story ends as soon as possible.


I would like to play it in an episodic format and work my way methodically through each level, but I don’t know if my self control will last. It didn’t when the second season came out. Though, I have since done each level so many times I can’t even count.

Well, firstly I’m going to play through all the Missions once to see the Story, but also because I want to see all Locations. Then I’m coming back to play through all Story Missions, starting with Map the I liked the most.(which will problably be the Rainy City at Night :sunglasses:)

After that I’m going to go for Level 20 Mastery on each of them, if I didn’t acieve that before and then I’m going to Kill the entire Map, maybe look around in Contract Creation aswell in between.

Here’s mine. First playthrough of each mission: it will be no minimap/no instinct/no hud/mission stories on minimal. Also no saving, & blurred challenge descriptions turned on. Gear: any variant of the black suit & red tie, a silverballer, lockpick & the fiber wire. Gonna replay each mission this way a couple times before moving to the next one. Repeat until all six maps are done. This is how i first played Hitman 2 and it was fun, next January is gonna be a blast.


Play through each level ‘naturally’ and looking at unlockables at the end of each. If there’s stuff that looks great I’ll replay Til I get it, then onto the next level. I’ll do this til the final level, then I’ll go back and replay every level countless times with my glorious new set of toys.

No aim for Silent Assassin whatsoever first try. Just seeing what the map offers me. Also playing on the easiest difficulty.


I’ll try to play as silently as possible, if I fuck up in between levels, I won’t restart, will just be finishing the story. But, I’d love to enjoy and take in what the level, story and missions have to offer before moving onto the next.

I’ll most probably do an update check on the animations or some new gameplay features, AI improvement etc

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