How can I view all weapons/guns I have unlocked in the Absolution campaign?

In the main menu it tells me I can unlock new guns by buying them or by finding them in the campaign. When I go to the safehouse weapons menu it even shows me the most recently unlocked gun, which is usually one I picked up in the campaign(ex: mustang snub). But when I actually go into the weapons menu it doesn’t show most of the campaign guns, only the ones I can purchase with money. How can I view all the guns?

You have already created one identical thread about this, don’t spam the forum with redundant threads.

As Mads47 said, please don’t create duplicates. For now I’ve closed the other thread you started.

Ok, I wasn’t planning on making a duplicate but I couldn’t bump or delete the original post. Can anyone answer this question though? It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to.