How Did This Get Past IO?


Up for debate based upon the profile:


Gotta be a yank. If it were UK the name would be AngryTramp19 or something with a tiddle bitty of flair.


Fair enough.


Them using words such as “Wanker” and “twat” suggest to me they’re from the UK/Britain, etc. Those words just aren’t used that much here in 'Merica.


That was my original thought, but the profile suggests they may have lived in both countries.

I have a feeling they also may just be an idiot.


Hmmm, I made a contract to kill all the NPCs with man-buns on a level. Does that make me a… cunt? :rofl:

I don’t see whats wrong with the contract from the OP. If the word cunt offends you, you need to grow the fuck up.

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It is inappropriate and cheapens the feel of the game is all. It wasn’t just the title either. The briefing was even worse.


This from a country where using the word cunt is tantamount to saying “can I eat your pet poodle for dinner” eliciting a stunned response from any Yank in ear shot

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The briefing is not provided on this thread, so I don’t know what to tell you.

People get so upset over bullshit these days. It’s a word. Big fucking deal. It’s not like that contract Quinn mentioned


Look through the thread and see the recent picture where he recreated the contract. The briefing is there for the current one. I am no prude, but do you really want stuff like that in this game?


Depends? Has he made it so I have to wear only the Clown suit?:joy:


I thought this was simply about the use of derogatory language.

I am sure we can all agree that rape is bad and rapists are undesirable.
So if there was a contract that has you killing a random NPC for being a rapist, I suspect the company would have a problem with one of their NPC’s being depicted as a rapists. Serial killer, terrorist, evil scientist, sure. Sexual assaulter-nah.

So I just thought it was about language and not wanting your NPC’s to be labeled as sexual criminals.


In the most recent one he is just lamenting the reporting of his previous contract.

I still don’t see whats wrong here. Distasteful, lewd, yes, but not reportable IMO


To each their own though, I don’t really give a shit about some pedo cunt’s contract


If it weren’t something that should be reported, IO would not have taken it down. Perhaps you should actually read their ToS.




In that case, and I am not saying you, you cannot get mad when your contract gets reported and pulled.


You’ve made a good point

protip: use “one” instead of “you” in this case. (One cannot get mad when their contract gets reported and pulled)


This. I’ll call my best friend one 3 times before breakfast.


If you miss the days of people not being offended then maybe you should ignore it. You reporting it no matter how “offensive” just shows you don’t actually mean what you say.