How did you first discover the Hitman series?

A friend of mine had the Hitman (2007) movie DVD. Can’t remember anything about it, but couldn’t have been too good. Then at some point I ended up having Blood Money on my PC. That was around 2009-2011. Then came Absolution and after that I played all the remaining Hitman games.

Check this goofy shit out:


i discovered it through hitman 2016 in the year 2019. i don’t exactly remember how. i just remember playing it very, very chaotically and poorly, but having tons of fun. i then borrowed hitman 2 from a friend (and never really gave it back, but we’re not going to talk about that) and since then i haven’t really stopped talking about hitman and annoying my family about it lol.


HD Trilogy on PS3. I was instantly charmed by SA and rest is history.