How did your perception of the H3 maps change since launch?

In my case i don’t like playing Chongqing too much, there’s something very shallow in that map beyond the first playthrough and the beauty of it.

Dartmoor was my fav at launch, but now it’s 2nd place because i think Berlin is the best Hitman 3 map


In my opinion, playing the maps after that long doesn’t give the same feeling as the first times you play it and roam around, but I still manage to get some fun out of them, I especially enjoy Dubaï sometimes, Dartmoor, Berlin and Mendoza where I spend most of my time


I really disliked Dartmoor at launch but now I like it a lot. Not my favourite by any means but it’s fun.

I like Chongqing less than I did at launch but it’s still good. Mendoza is now one of my all time favourites but when I first played it I found it good but not great.


I still like every thing. Nothing has changed there. Except for Carpathian mountains, I haven’t played that in some time.

On launch, I was amazed by them. Now I don’t replay them much at all compared to ALL h1 and h2 maps, unless there is some new content coming. They are great, but just don’t interest me that much now.

They just don’t have the same feeling of replaying and finding something you didn’t know about.

Mendoza and Dubai are the maps that I replay the most out of h3, though.

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I always liked Dubai, but now I really love it. It’s just incredibly well designed. Every path, room, and shortcut had a really wonderful practicality to it. And the targets have really great routes, particularly Marcus. I love the setting too. It has a ton of atmosphere.


I like dubai more now, but i’d overlooked it as the first map before because i was so excited to play through the game.

I never liked chongqing and still don’t lol hush has scarred me forever


I find myself playing Mendoza the most, with Dubai next, then Berlin, then Dartmoor, and then the other two. I still don’t know where they rank up against my favs from other seasons, but I know I still prefer Landslide, AHBOS, and Miami to all the levels in H3 except maybe Mendoza. It’ll be fun to revisit this in few more months.


I liked Mendoza the most at the start of H3 for its sprawling map and amazing atmosphere. It really felt bigger than life and a truly huge map. But as times gone on the atmosphere has sunk into the background and I’ve learnt the map more and I’m honestly a bit more underwhelmed with it now (especially from a contracts point of view)

Conversely I pretty much didn’t give Dubai a second thought on my initial ranking. I wasn’t a fan of the atmosphere and thought the vertically was just a neat gimmick. But on replaying, especially in contracts, I’ve come to love it’s interwoven and dense design.

All the other maps have stayed fairly the same. Berlin is decent sized with a fair amount to do. Dartmoor is small and a bit constricted but still enjoyable. Chongqing feels like a mess. Carpathians is enjoyable but in its own unique way.


Dubai is my favourite now, i would say it’s the best map in Hitman 3, but yeah as time goes on i think some of the maps seem not as great, Berlin for me isn’t as good as it first was, but can you say it’s the map or is it the mission?

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When I first started Hitman 3 and only played through the campaign, Berlin was my favorite map. But since I started playing Escalations and featured contracts aswell Dartmoor became my favorite map.

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I like Dubai a little less than on Launch and even if it has some good NPC Routes, the huge Clone Usage ruins it for me. I remember seeing the 5 Minutes of Dubai Playthrough and upon seeing the Guy in the Grey Suit, I thought it’d make a great Target, little did I knew there are seven of them.

Dartmoor left be a bit sour on my First Playthrough, especially because I didn’t got to kill Alexa myself, so I apperiate it more with every Playthrough, not to last because of the Music.

Berlin is, as it was at Launch still my favorite. Not much more to say here, it’s just a great Map.

Chongqing… well, aside from the visuals aspects, it’s a disapointnent and populated by Clones on a Santa Fortuna Level.

Mendoza is still a great Map with great Music, though unfortunatly it’s once again stuffed with Clones to the brim, which is especially angering for Characters like Tim Quinn or Raoul Salazar, who are stuffed into Clone Bodies, despite having a totally diffrent Appearearence.

Romania is good for what it is.


I’ve really come around on Chongqing. On my initial playthrough I thought Hush and Royce were quite dull and the vertical nature of the map took some time to wrap my head around. I still don’t find the targets particularly engaging, but replays have warmed me to the assassination opportunities. Also, the Lee Hong deluxe escalation was good fun. I’m hoping potential future escalations and/or elusive targets will continue to make great use of the map space.

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Sadly my perception hasn’t changed because I’ve barely played it. I’ve only finished Dubai because I’m still waiting for a patch that adds in shoulder switch for the camera. Idk I just can’t play without it, it feels so wrong.

Mendoza was my least favorite…

Now I can’t live without it.

It reminds me of home, has much to do and just play it it’s hard to explain.
(I replay everything, try to get a high score on maps. Managed to get the #75 position on sapienza)

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At launch: Liked Chongqing

Now: Hates Chongqing and could rant about it for hours

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For me it’s the opposite, I didn’t really liked Chongqing at first but it eventually became one of my favourite missions in Hitman 3.

Also prepare yourself, @Franz is coming for you.


A few reasons please

Mendoza. For a last “proper” level, I found beating it way too easy. But the Escalations (plus a couple of the more interesting main mission kills) made me appreciate its construction. Level 3 if Guachito was very satisfying.

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This is all my opinion

  • Hyped up too much by IOI
  • I HATE the layout of the block
  • Imogen Royce
  • The lack of enterable buildings
  • Doesn’t change the gameplay but NPC cloning
  • I think that the map should have been more crowded and make the streets bigger
  • The train station starting location should be default on every playthrough and the data leak should not be attached to it