How do I add subtitles on YouTube?

Oh no, i opened Bending Cheese Runs.

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My tip for you is: keep making videos and one day someone will find your channel and you will win a lot of subs.
PS: Send me the link so that i can check it out

I think it’s a matter of the game: my friend runs a minecraft channel (it’s as cringey as you’d expect) and he’s growing very fast.

@Silverballer I hate minecraft (hitman is alot better in my opinion) i’m gomna keep doing hitman videos and i expect it makes me get some sucess because me and daizer are the only portuguese youtubers that are pros at hitman :wink:

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Yeah, not saying it’s bad, just saying it’s a lot harder for hitman channels to grow as it’s a smaller game.

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@Silverballer If your friend who plays minecraft hates hitman, i have a friend just like him :wink:

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Yeah, there’s no reason to add popular videos for kids to grow popularity, unless you desperately need money. I don’t complain about not being popular (lol), i was just curious how can you have 120 subs while having only 3 videos (yet i mistook your channels). I make animated movies and lately add walkthroughs of elusive targets, without commenting though.

@AgentNo47 You just won +1 sub :wink:

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Thanks :slight_smile: , as you will soon.

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You’re welcome
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I just got back to 121 subs don’t know why :wink:



implying you were subbed in the first place

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Dont worry @introvert_ One of your fan fic videos might get viral and reach over 1000 subs in a day.
Sometimes all it takes is one video.


Go to your YouTube studio - Video - click the thumbnail of the video that you want to add subtitles - choose “subtitle” option - do language settings - “Add language” - “ADD TO” - click “upload files” to add your subtitle files to your video.
This is how to add subtitles to YouTube after uploading.
If you want to do it before uploading, Joyoshare Media Cutter is suggested. It’s a user-friendly video editor, supporting various types of subtitle files and giving many editing tools.