How do you do 47's voice?

Hey guys, so I’ve been trying to make this animation of 47 where he speaks some stuff which I’ll record with my own voice, any tips or tricks to make it sound similar to 47/Bateson?

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Tilt your head down, make your voice tremble a bit, put something large and conical up your ass, keep your voice low, add a slight touch of nasality


It works


there was one guy here who could imitate Bateson really well. he made videos. don’t remember his name, sorry. don’t even think he’s active anymore

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Doesn’t help.

Source: [REDACTED]

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What is happening?!??? :joy:

Must be bc it’s Wednesday :thinking:…wish it was Friday already :ghost:

I think just listening to a lot of his lines and record urself when practicing, should do it lol :joy:

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His voice is low but somehow still retains a light quality to it. It’s calm and sort of casual too

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I loled for real on this one.

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