How do you keep your passion for gaming?

I used to play a lot of video games when I was younger then, I stopped for a year or so, it was when I discovered the internet and got distracted from gaming then, I returned to gaming and I became more keen on it then in 2016 (or early 2017), I stopped again and I never returned again, I may play for an hour or two per month but, for some reason, I can’t get myself to play although it’s really the best form of entertainment and I have a good laptop that will handle the games I always dreamed of playing when I had a weaker laptop.

What do you think I should to ignite the love of video games inside me again?

NOTE: I still like watching video about video games, not people playing but, history of games (not these videos with a stupid gameplay footage with music, no, the video that tell the stories of development of the games and the studios) and sometimes I watch gameplay videos, I still check the news on the gaming subreddits but, I can’t get myself to actually play the games.

The answer for me was to change what I play and when I play it. I’m 39 years old now with a busy job, beautiful young family.

I play almost exclusively Sims 4 (yes, lol), Hitman 2 and occasionally I’ll buy something like a visual novel or a tell tell game. I’ve been into Phoenix Wright on the iPhone a lot.

I did buy kingdom hearts 3 and red dead redemption 2 this year, both games I loved their prequels… but I honestly just didn’t have the time and couldn’t get invested. Both are left half finished and honestly I feel I wasted my families money, especially as both are on sale now.

Why do I play Sims 4? I can pick it up and put it down and my daughter loves it.


i just find better video games to play. the call of dutys and assassin’s creeds of this world bore me to tears now. i might sound like a hipster, but most mainstream games these days are just… boring.

i really ought to consider picking up a switch or a playstation for those exclusives.


Passions change with time, it’s part of getting older. I don’t have the same passion for gaming as I had just 5 years ago, I still play games on regular basis. But I play fewer titles and I stick mostly to Rainbow Six Siege, Witcher 3 and Hitman. In this day and age I hardly replay the same title twice, unless it’s really special. There was a time where I could replay the same game 10-15 times and still enjoy it, I done that with Half-Life 2, RE5 and a lot of others. These titles are far in between now.

The Passion is still there, but the lust for playing doesn’t comes as natural as it once did. I often enjoy playing games with friends and socialising with my friends through multiplayer games.

I would suggest maybe sitting down with some games that have a lot to offer, like Witcher 3. Maybe pick up some Playstation exclusives (if you own a Playstation). There are some great singleplayer games with strong narrative, that are engaging. I would suggest Uncharted series, Last of US, God of War and the new Spider-man game.


It helps to play different kinds of games, i play mostly Mortal Kombat, Hitman and Resident Evil, but i also love a good RPG or a Point & Click Adventure - my recommendation: The Broken Sword Series.

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I get burned out quickly by by-the-book samey AAA titles, to the point i rarely pick up any of them these days. Got absolutely fed up and burned out few years ago on playing the same type of characters over and over again, with the same type of one-liners and plot devices with stretched hollow grindy gameplay. Bloated nonsense without substance wasting my time. Basically stopped paying attention to new stuff for a while and was surviving only on old games and modded content.

I found that picking up something smaller with interesting vision reignites the passion for gaming for me far better, than all the big epic titles, that i tried to keep up with just to stay in the picture. From the recent years, things like SOMA, Hellblade, Observer or What Remains of Edith Finch. Small but fulfilling snacks. Wish there would be more of them. Now I’m really looking forward to playing Disco Elysium and Pathologic 2. Something that does things differently.


I sacrifice virgins to the Great Old Ones.

But no seriously I try to maintain a broad range of things I play that or what I do play are open worlds I dick around in from time to time.

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You didn’t say which platform you play on, but if you’re on Xbox, then I can recommend taking a look at [email protected] This is an initiative that has been supported by Microsoft for many years now. They essentially provide opportunities for small studios to focus on what they do best: game development, and they take care of the rest. So many amazing titles have come to light through this. Games that have been lovingly crafted by small studios that have a passion for what they do. The best part is that, unlike developers for AAA games, they are encouraged to be original and are given freedom to bring to fruition their projects. Many make it into Xbox Game Pass, which is a perfect opportunity to enjoy these titles.

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The key to this is to have no friends, work or a life in general. :smiley: :v:


Sometimes you just don’t; I had a period of years where relatively speaking I barely touched video games. Somewhere between CoH2 (2013) and me picking up H Season 1 (2017). I just felt like I’d played all my favourites to death, and I wasn’t noticing anything new coming out that excited me. I gave stuff a try, Fallout 4, Rust (Actually played a lot of that, but it only lasted a month or so), Don’t Starve, but nothing stuck.

That’s okay, the question becomes how do you keep a passion for something throughout your life; staying hooked on videogames every day of your life probably isn’t something that should be aspired to. It just either happens for you or it doesn’t. I wish I had a passion for reading books instead, would be cheaper and give me something to do that doesn’t involve a screen (which is bad for health), plus might learn more things. I hate reading books though!


I tend to stick to 2 or 3 games at once and play the hell out of them, out of these 1 will be Hitman and the other Call of Duty that’s how it’s been over the last 2/3 years and it works for me. I’ve never enjoyed playing games without playing them in depth, I’m also a massive fan of online multiplayer games and the levelling system in COD’s that have passed have always given players loads of things to grind and aim for.

I have the odd week were I don’t play on my PS4 but it’s never really any longer, some people may call it an obsession but it’s my escape from reality and love it!